this morning  

joeblows2469 42M
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5/19/2006 10:39 am
this morning

so i wake up this morning and i'm in a good mood. i fire up the computer and check my messages. i have one message that deems a reply. so i scratch out a nice reply and send it on it's way. as i proof the reply there it is a fucking smiley. talk about piss me off faster than fresh dog shit in my bathroom. not only dose this site and well over half it's members piss me off with there bullshit but the fucking auto detect smiley system has to include it's self in a message it has no place being in. who the fuck decided this! now i know there are bigger things to get pissed about but when some program thinks in needs to do something to my shit, i get down right hostile. who ever started this fucking smiley thing needs to have their ass removed. smileys have no place in email or regular text what so ever. damn the smiley, damn it right to fucking lowest level of hell!

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