Going down the AFF road  

jockey212 49M  
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4/24/2005 2:38 pm

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Going down the AFF road

So, I'm a newly single guy, and I'm giving this AdultFriendFinder thing a shot. I don't know why I picked this handle. I've only ridden a horse a couple of times in my life. So much for grace under pressure Of this I can assure, I do better in person and have more allure. So far, I've sent a lot of e-mails, and received a number responses (that includes the auto-responses Anyway, it seems that everyone says they want to meet Mr. Right for great sex, but so far, it's all vapor ware. The women are hot...Their profiles are often hotter. Yet, it's all heat, but no friction. Still, I continue down the road. MTF...stay tuned. It can only get better!

muffdive4u2005 55M
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4/24/2005 9:08 pm

Dude......I am with you all the way. I mean all these women...some of
them bi,( can't figure that out) say they want it,but most I think are playing a game in their heads. I want the same thing as you from a
women, to make them happy and to please the hell out of them when it
comes to sex. To send out very nice mails and to get crap back or not even that back really stinks. Why in the world are these women here
anyways?? Or are they just to flipping selective hoping a knight in armor will make his entrance. I think if they open their eyes and maybe answer some mails, their knight is already there!!!

Sorry had to get that out for what ever it's worth.....

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