Part III....the explosion  

jmebug 42F
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6/6/2006 1:24 pm
Part III....the explosion

“I need you inside me NOW!” motioning and moving him into a position for him to enter me…..

He comes closer to my face and makes contact with those amazing eyes…god I love to look at him, deep into those brown eyes, that send me over the edge. He is staring at me, making me feel like im all his, like im the queen of the world…his world…there is no one else. Like there is no one as sexy and sensuous….no one as incredible…no one that tastes as good, feels as good, smells as good.

There is no one but him at this moment, no one that can fill me, make me whole, crave and want and desire me as much. No one that feels like he does or makes me feel like he does, no one that pushes me to my limit yet knows where the line is. He challenges me, makes me think, and sends me into oblivion…..

There it is…that first touch of his cock inside of me…it’s just the touch, the teasing, the ‘kissing’ of it lurking around the outside of my clit. We are so wet, and I am so desperately aching for him to push inside. But he’s teasing me…and in reality, I am loving it…

He is holding himself up and his muscles in his arms are bulging…I touch him everywhere…I cant get enough of his skin, I just want to eat him alive. His cologne is intoxicating and I cant breathe but it’s not because of that, I cant take the slow movements, the gentle gliding in and out, just barely entering my wetness. He kisses me again, this time with hunger in his mouth, and starts to pull my hair, ever so gently as to not hurt me, but strong enough to let me know he’s in control.

He stops, puts his finger on my lips, as to hush me, because I cant control the moans, they are just coming out of me, loud, and uninterrupted. He’s killing me with his toying. “you have to wait, im not threw playing with you yet.”

So I lay there like a good girl and make sure that he still knows that he’s pleasing me, my body wreathing, and bending to put his manhood right where it needs to be….and then I cant hold back any longer….he has pushed me until I cant take it any more and ….i EXPLODE…all juices flow out of me like a volcano that has just erupted.

Neither of us knowing the possibility or ever experiencing such wetness. Its everywhere, all over us, and better yet, now that I have released my tightly clenched, quivering thighs from his hips, he has moved so that I can take care of the mess. Mmmmm, the scent of the both of us is making me drunk. Its fragrant, and sweet, and I cant get enough.

It’s all cleaned up now, with my tongue and I have gotten in front of him so that he’s behind me and can return to the place that he belongs. “Oh yeah, right there baby. That is where you should be, now fuck me!”. He starts off slow again but this time is all the way inside me, almost like a heart beat….bump, bump, bump, bump….and then he speeds up, pounding me like this is the last time he will ever be inside me again.
He’s pushing and grinding, and twisting me into a knot. I can feel his cock getting bigger, and stronger, and he’s moving harder and faster. He slaps me on the ass, and says, “this is mine, you belong to me, and no one else deserves this, right?” I am so taken by the movements that I cant speak. He says again in a strong, deep, louder voice….“RIGHT!!!!?”

“Yes, baby it’s yours.” He’s got a hold of my hips and he’s pushing so deep inside that I can feel him hitting my cervix. His dick is so hot with all the friction now and I can feel him getting even harder, and it feels like he’s going to push right through my body. “oh my god, Jamie, im going to cum….oh shit…”

And just when I think that I cant take another second….there it is…that animal in him that only I know exists. The growl, the gripping, the pushing into me even further, and just when I didn’t think that there was any further for him to go. He’s uncaged, and ferocious, almost scary….until finally he lets go just enough for me to relax from the fetal position he has now gotten me into….and he turns me over, and gives me another kiss. This time is more like that first one, you know the one that is intoxicating, and sensuous, and mesmerizing….those lips giving me all that he has…

Telling me that I am his, only me, in all that we do. He smiles that bright smile and says….”I love you baby. You are my world, I cant live without you, and you are all that want.”

That smile that tells me that it’s going to be ok. That our world is safe. That he’s my husband, and I am his wife. And THIS is where we belong.

leegs55 54M

6/15/2006 7:28 pm

mha bug good to see ya again!!

gypsy1629 41F

6/7/2006 8:51 am

Wow...that is some excellent writing....hope you are feeling better than you were the other day....


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