Part I...his lips...  

jmebug 42F
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5/23/2006 10:24 am
Part I...his lips...

He’s asleep…we started watching a movie and he didn’t last long…dozing and then snoring lightly…he keeps leaning into me, with every move that I make he keeps getting closer, as if he doesn’t want to lose the touch of skin on skin…

Then all of the sudden he sprawls out a little, moaning and I hear…”wow, wow….wow”…knowing that that is what he says when he is done with sex, I whisper in his ear..”honey what are you dreaming about” He barely opens his eyes…looking at me with a sheepish grin, loving smile that he only has for me, and immediately says “we were dancing”

I said, “yeah right, who was” and he says…”no really baby, there was white sheets everywhere, candlelight and omg, you in that gown, my tux… are so beautiful, so sexy…”

Now, I know that he loves me, I have NO doubt about that, but when he talks about how sexy I am, I just melt. Like a candle that has been lit for hours…non stop liquefying…he craves my body and I feed off of that.

So I let him go slightly into slumber one last time…and then start kissing him…first at his ear, around the cheek bones…ever so softly, gently pulling at his skin to get him awakened slowly with arousal. My hands are all over his chest…then back up to his face…that’s my favorite…touching him makes me feel alive, I love the curves in his face, the feel of the slightly rough 5 o’clock shadow that begs me to take in the sensation it allows me to have.

He rolls over and starts to kiss me back but doesn’t, he’s teasing me now. Knowing that his lips are my weakness. But he wont let me have them, not yet…not until he knows that I can take it nomore. So I lower the blanket, and what shall I find there? Mmmmmmmmm…he’s hard, solid, and waiting, begging me to take him into my warm wet mouth. So I do, very slowly, just the tip, just enough to make his body tense up and bow…licking the head with delicacy and grace. Then I lower my attention to the sensitive area just below the shaft right in that crease, you know the one. But wait, the lips… will he let me touch them now? Yeah I think so.

So back up his luscious body I go, running my soft and smooth hair as I go along his skin to make it that much more intense. He loves that too, I know it. Stopping along the way to explore just for a second, each nipple. Twirling my tongue around each one.

Wow, there they are, I pull back just a bit to get a good look. The lips of heaven…omg, what I wouldn’t do to have those lips with me 24/7…there is nothing better. I mean come on…that is why I fell in love with him in the first place don’t you know. His lips….incredible, devine, unmatched, unsurpassed, untouchable by any standards, it’s hard even to explain…

I get closer to his ear, and softly whisper “do you want me?” and while that wicked little grin appears once again he says “more than anything else on earth”…..

To be continued...


timo-timo 68M

5/24/2006 3:56 pm

why am i crying

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