That first Road Trip  

jm_anon101 40M
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5/9/2006 12:49 pm
That first Road Trip

Reading the magazine article about masturbation reminded me of my first car trip to meet my girlfriend's (now wife) family. It got hot and heavy when we started rubbing and touching, eventually pulling off to finish what we started by hand. But the drive back, not that was something...

Shortly before we left, she spoke into my ear "I'm not wearing any underwear." The next 30 minute where the longest of my life. I could not WAIT to get on the road.

While she drove out, I drove back. This gave me much greater access to her tight virgin (and eager) pussy than before. What a great trip that was, sliding my hand between her legs, eventually between her lips. At one point, we were so in a tizzy that I pulled into a rest stop. She had my dick in her mouth while I reached across the bucket seat and accessed her from behind. The pure ecstasy of receiving a blowjob was only heightened wondering if someone was going to see us.

What a trip that was. And to think, we went from risking getting caught to missionary once a year. What the hell happened there? Ah the joys of life... and the openess of the blog...

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