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8/4/2006 8:11 pm

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I still have glue all over my hands from gluing
tubulars* last night. Probably will still have it
tomorrow, might be rid of the last of it by
Sunday. At least I got rid of the smell in my living
room. That stuff's so potent it makes all those
paint-thinner huffing kids from the local high
school OD.

*Tubulars, affectionately called sewups or
tubbies, are to regular clincher tires as boots
are to sneakers (analogy from one of Sam Tracy's
books). You probably only know clincher tires,
which have a bead that hooks underneath a
raised lip on the rim of your wheel. Air pressure,
with the tube pressing against the tire, holds
the tire in place. Your car tire is a clincher tire,
by the way. With a tubular tire, the tube is
sewn up inside the tire, and then the whole thing
is glued onto the rim, which doesn't have a raised
lip at all. If you get a flat with a tubbie, say from one
of the many shards of glass on the road, you have
to peel the old tire off the wheel, mount a new
tire dry, and ride home very carefully, hoping the
new tire doesn't roll off the rim when you corner.
And you probablly have to throw the old tire (which
wasn't cheap) out. Why on earth would anyone still
ride such an expensive, inefficient, out-moded
wheel system? 'Cause tubbies are more lively and
responsive on the road; they hold a line and
corner like they're on rails; they just feel better.

Like so many things in life, especially those you
put between your legs, it requires some extra work
and risk to appreciate a finer ride.

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8/4/2006 8:32 pm

Pleasure seeker ............and ps I don't even want to mention the dangers of a pleasure seeking man with glue on his hands

jlr774 44M
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8/5/2006 8:42 pm

You say that like it's wrong...

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