I'm sooo bad!  

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6/17/2006 2:54 pm

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I'm sooo bad!

We have this woman at work who is gullible, call her A. One of them was talking about a strip club or stripper. I said, "You know, K. (co-worker) put herself through school by dancing."
"Oh yeah. I can't see it either, but she said it was just a different personality she put on when she got on stage."
"Where did she dance?"
"She went to West Virginia. That's why she runs so much now. She use to burn all those calories dancing, now she has to substitute another aerobic activity."
[ this went on a bit more like that ]

She totally believed it. If you knew K. you'd just know she didn't/couldn't. She's shy, she's not confident, she has to discuss everything with everybody and get consensus, she's highly nervous.
Now A has moved to a different building at work and is probably telling people who don't know K. that she was a stripper. lol! But I can't really tell A. that I was pulling her leg and she was the only one silly enough to believe it. And I don't really see her anymore, anyway. lol!

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