poetry for weekend lovers  

jktagirl69 40F
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7/15/2006 5:14 am

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8/23/2006 4:51 am

poetry for weekend lovers

Jktagirls daydream

god I got the daydream blues
I sat there and
said are you really him
and he said forget that
I do not feel good
I've got the sad sads
all I want to do is
fuck you

and I laughed
thought he was being
and O he just looked up my long slim legs of heaven
He saw my liver and my quivering intestine
He saw Christ in there
Jumping to hip-hop

All the long lines of starvation within him
And he walked over
And grabbed me on the couch
Ripped my dress up around my face

And he didn't care
or the end of the earth
one more time
to be there

my panties were on the
and his cock went in
his cock my god his cock went in

He was him


these legs need to run
but he kneel
before female flowers
catch the scent of
and grab it
and evenings
hours of evenings
grey-headed evenings
and afterwords
fall asleep.

NutBuster1974 42M
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8/9/2006 1:29 am

very interesting use of words
the meaning of it ?? hmmm let me guess that you used the "resurrection" as a background. then you submit to "HIM" revealing your innerself.. and then blissfully slip away into nothing.

deep huh ??

well thats my take on ur writing

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