rm_jktagirl69 41F
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6/16/2006 11:18 pm

I fell asleep to the sound of your heartbeat
The smell of your skin relaxed my soul
Gentle kisses you painted so beautifully over my body
Softly breathing in my ear
Saying nothing yet speaking so deeply
Caressing my breasts from far within
Waterfalls of rhapsody splashing wildly
Awaiting your exploration
I wait anxiously to scale the rigid oak
That I have so carefully grown
I whisper with my fingertips
The desires that hide behind my eyes
Every curve of my body speaks your name
I brush my lips against your mahogany thigh
Imagining how heavenly a flavor you must be
I place a caramel kiss on the brim of your ear
Leaving a sticky sweet memory to sing you to sleep
I release faint moans into the air
Sounds of pleasure
To let you know that I have found my zone in the universe
I shed tears on your chest
That make you shiver with ecstacy
Resting my head in the crest of your shoulder
Heavily I exhale
Orgasm without penetration

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