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6/8/2006 12:00 am

Songs that remind me of certain people, see if you can find yours...

"we'll ive been holding on tonight, Does it matter if I stay, so long and good night, so long and good night..."

"I'm not ok, I'm not ok, well I'm not ok I'm not O-fucking- K"

"30th of april seems like yesterday, bought a house above the ocean so Our kids could laugh and play, I called you from Paris, to tell you that i put our names on the observation deck of the eifle tower...if only I had one wish..."

"beauty queen of only 18 she had some trouble with herself, he was always there to help her she always belonged to someone else.."

"Be a Man you must be swift as a coarsing river with all the strength of a great typhoon, with all the force or a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moOOOOn"

"Its raining Men halleluiah, its raining mean, amen"

"whatcha gonna do with all that junk all that junk inside your trunk, im gonna get get get you drunk, get you love drunk off my humps..."

"You make me wanna LALA..."

wow, I have so many songs i can remmber with all my friends, but i g2g enjoy, Ihope you found yours

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