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From someone in Oz

From someone in Oz.. and I trying to answer 'em.

1. Popularly known as?
- Jktagirl69

2. AGE?
- Almost 30

- September

- Dragon

5. Who is your cutest guy/girl friend?
- Louis and Dietha

6. Can't live without... other than food and water?
- Money, Love and of course Sex

7. Choice of music?
- Beyonce

8. Fav Food ?
- Pecel ayam, Soto ayam, tom yam gong

9. Fantasy female/male?
- Bruce Willis and Angelina Jolie

10. What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend are you?
- Respectful and Understanding.

11. What will make you fall for a guy/girl?
- Being yourself, cute and chubby

12. Turn-offs?
- people who eat with their mouths open, arrogance, slob.

13. If you had a million bucks, what would you
spend it on?
- Travelling and shooping!!!!!

14. Longest time you've ever spent on the phone?
- 1 weeks ago spent for more than 3 hours on the phone.

15. Do you get tired of it?
- Nope

16. The one thing you try to do everyday?
- work out, sex in any capacity.

17. Vegetables or fruits?
- Both!

18. Favorite soundtrack(s)
- Shreak

19. Night out or night in?
- Night out so I can see the night life in Jakarta

20. What's scarier, ghosts or aliens?
- Ghosts.

21. On your last birthday?
- Shooping.

22. Yesterday?
- Met with my fuck buddy and then came home n worked some more.

23. last weekend?
- Was having 3sum with my buddy 'till around 4am. Almost killed me. Then went to slept then woke up around 10am then another sex... yummy.

24. Last Raya?
- Dunno...I must be forgot

25. New year's eve?
- Went to the church then back to home.

26. Halloween?
- No idea and dont care

27. Valentine's day?
- Champagne at my house

28. What's the last thing you ate?
- Toblerone

29. Thing you drank?
- Juice

30. Thing you wore?
- Everything

31. Last place you went to?
- Tiga puluh and My bar

32. Last person(s) you saw?
- Louis, Steve and Stefan

33. Last person you sms to?
- Stefan and Reny Brower

34. Last song you heard?
- Chicago

35. Right this VERY SECOND what are you
- Toblerone

36. What are you wearing?
- Shirt and Roxy short pant

37. Any shoes on?
- Yes

38. Listening to?
- Simple Red

39. Talking to anyone?
- Yes

40. Are you a vegetarian?
- NO! I love meat

41. Are you a b!astard?
- No!

42. Are you artistic?
- I suppose so

43. Do you write poetry?
- Not really

44. Are you a fast runner?
- Ehh.... nope, but Im fit.

45. Can you ski?

46. Can you swim?
- Yes, just learned few months ago.

47. Did you ever give barbie a haircut?
- I never owned a Barbie.

48. Are you naughty?
- Only when Im naked

49. Are you evil?
- Yes when Im horny

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