For all you Truckers out there (or Drivers in general)  

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9/25/2005 9:23 am

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For all you Truckers out there (or Drivers in general)

H.G.V. Drivers Code... Part 2

(Q)When should you use the fast lane on a motorway?
(A)When you are going somewhere on 'a promise'

(Q)If you "Really" do have to breakdown on the motorway, where is the best place to do it?
(A)Just as you leave the 'slip road' to exit into a busy junction.

(Q)What does a 'yellow box' junction mean?
(A)They've run out of white paint.

(Q)What do broken white lines mean in the road?
(A)They are 'going' to run out of white paint.

(Q)What does the highway code say about tyres?
(A)Use only round ones.

(Q)When can you cross 'double' white lines in the road?
(A)After stopping for a long 'tea-break' in a pub.

(Q)What must you check before leaving a delivery at a building site?
(A)That you have enough bricks to build the new barbeque.

(Q)Where do you situate your 'danger triangle' when broken down?
(A)Up the 'Transports Managers' arse.

(Q)How do you avoid 'Drowsiness' on the motorway?
(A)Finger your Hitch-hiker'

(No offence to the wonderful and hard working lorry drivers that deliver what we need)

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