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7/17/2006 1:18 pm

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Dick Pics

Another AdultFriendFinder member (woman) wrote some great advice in her blog, but I want to give a man's perspective on penis shots. (I can't give her handle, because that would violate AdultFriendFinder's blog guidelines).

"Women have to see a guys face to want to fuck him. Usually his cock will be in one of her orifices at the time and she will be looking at his face not his cock. A nice clothed shot in a polo shirt will get a guy far."

Well, that's her opinion, and it DOES hold true for many women, but not all.

From requests that I've received, women always want to see a face shot, I'll give you that, but many of them also want to know what they're dealing with before they spend time writing a guy that's not exactly up \8 to her standards.

She continues,
"After a guy sends the all important face shot and there is a little erotic email back and forth maybe it might be ok to send a penis picture. But it is no way to introduce yourself.
Disembodied parts do not arouse most women. Sorry."

Oh, come on. Disembodied parts are dildos, and lots of women have them on their OWN pages!

I DO agree that if you want a REAL relationship, and not just a occasional fuck buddy you'll want to write and maybe call before meeting and get to know each other better first.

And to think that EVERY guy just wants to get his rocks off is shortminded and downright wrong. That's not what I'm on AdultFriendFinder for, and lots of other guys aren't either.

She goes on; "All these pictures you guys send look so weird, it's as if you are all at home full of self love and taking pictures of yourselves in the bathroom mirrors and thinking you are God's gift to women. Just too strange."

Hey, ever think it's kind of hard to get a professional shot with no clothes on? And what's wrong with candid shots in a natural setting? Unless the guy's a porn star he probably doesn't have the clearest, sexiest shot. (And they're probably not touched up, either!)

She goes on; "All you guys are sending penis pictures and the gay guys have caught on to this fact and it is really only they that are interested in seeing your cock. Stop with the penis pictures and you won't get so many posers."

So? Sure, I get emails from gay and bi men too, even though my profile is clear, but so what? Whatever rocks your boat.

You're right about posers, though. It's not just AdultFriendFinder. The world's full of posers. Flakes, assholes and jerks, too. So what are you supposed to do? Just BE REAL and look for other people who aren't afraid to be real also!

I agree with this part:
"As for appropriate photos, how about a nice outdoor shot. Look like you might have an interest in something other than sex. Guys with interests and talents are attractive. That’s why Rock Stars and athletes get all the pussy."

Yes - the first F in AdultFriendFinder is for FRIEND - not FUCK. Many of us ARE looking for REAL relationships, not just a quick roll in bed.

And who's to say all the rock stars and athletes get all the pussy? Not everyone is Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson or Dennis Rodman! Many are married and monogamous, believe it or not! I think you're just influenced more by the media than real life.

Anyway, that's just my humble opinion.

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