Some hot sex during Ron Burgundy.....  

jimxxx1971 47M
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6/22/2005 9:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Some hot sex during Ron Burgundy.....

yes, you read that correctly. we were watching The Legend of Ron Burgundy last night (Mr. Burgundy! You have a MASSIVE erection!) when we started getting frisky. it started with a little kissing, which soon became more heated. soon we were making out and ravenous for sex as we devoured each other's mouths and our hands groped each other all over. my wife was wearing this little pajama outfit i'd bought a couple months ago. these little lycra boyshort things that make a woman's ass look just diving and a tight matching top to go with tit (oops i mean to go with "it", freudian slip).

so she is looking fine and she hasn't had any cock for over a week now and is more than ready. as we're making out, will ferrell says something goofy on the movie and we both start giggling. at that point we decide maybe it's best to pause the movie and concentrate on what we're doing. i then pull her shirt down and lick her beautiful tit, sucking it, licking her nipple, nibbling it lightly as she claws my shoulders and moans. i then move back up to her neck and we kiss passionately some more and she tries to reach down and undo my zipper.

but now i am hungry for some pussy, so i slip down to the bottom of the bed and pull her shorts off. her pussy is lit from the glow of the tv and my dick throbs at the sight of it. i devour it with my mouth, licking and sucking and pulling her labia with my teeth. "you taste so fucking good" i say as i slip two fingers indside her and stroke her g-spot, licking her delicious pussy as i do so. she is groaning and grinding her hips into my face. she's so wet i decide to go for more and slip a third finger inside her. she gasps and moans "oh my god you feel so good". i play with her pussy with my fingers and congtinue licking and sucking until finally she yells out FUCK ME NOW!!

who am i to say no? after a few more playful licks of her pussy, i withdraw my hand from her pussy and slip off my clothes. my dick is rock hard and ready for her. as i slide inside her we both gasp with the burst of pleasure it provides us. after just a few thrusts she whispers "i need to cum" in my ear. we roll over so that she is now on top and she begins grinding and riding on top of me as i play with her perky breasts and gorgeous erect nipples. before long she is riding me faster and obviously close to coming. i grab her ass forcefully and yell FUCK ME YOU DIRTY WHORE!! she likes that shit. she starts gasping with pleasure as she comes on my cock, shaking and moaning. she's so beautiful.

after a momentary pause, she starts riding me once again and comes less than a minute later. she can really get on a roll cumming sometimes. i'm jealous as i wait my turn. now she's grinding on my penis and telling me to come with her this time. not one to deny my woman what she wants, i oblige and start grinding against her, faster and faster we move. i grab her ass and feel myself getting closer. we're fucking fast and hard now and we're both close. i smack her ass and she starts to orgasm for the third time. as she's writhing in pleasure my cock explodes inside her. oh. my. god. i'm not sure what i said but i doubt it was very intelligent at that point. god there is nothing better than coming at the same time as the woman you love. just mindblowing.

we both collapse on the bed. we clean ourselves up and lay back down. time to unpause the movie.

"this is awkward." says will ferrell. we chuckle. who knew that ron burgundy could be an aphrodisiac?

keithcancook 60M
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6/23/2005 5:16 pm

Um, your wife sounds fantastic.

jimxxx1971 47M

6/24/2005 6:40 am

well, i like her anyway.

now if she's just get cracking on this whole anal sex thing, she'll approach perfection! i will say she's not one to cook much. she's not bad at it, just hates to do it. but, i think i'd trade good in the sack for good cook most days. too bad you can't pick and choose the days... hmm... ok now i'm ramblinig. hey, maybe you could come be our live-in cook with benefits.

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