What's important to us?  

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10/6/2005 5:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's important to us?

Have you every wonder how to tell what is important to a society?

If you have there is a simple litmus test you can perform.

Look in the society and see how many names they have for an item. The more names for an item in that society, the more important the item is to that society.

For example in the U.S. for car: Auto, automobile, vehicle, transport, wheels, etc.

Now try the same experiment on the following words. Create a list for each word and then add up the number of different words you came up with for each.

1) Love
2) Sex
3) Penis
4) Vagina

If you are female have a male friend take the test and male have a female friend take the test. Was the results of importance the same, different or highly predictable?

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