A Story  

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9/8/2005 2:37 pm

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A Story

An itch is developing from behind my eyes. Brought about by lack of sleep and amplified by allergies, the condition forces me to listen and perceive. As I slowly fade in and out of consciousness, the images of a perfect life permeate my failing vision. Rubbing my eyes, I think only of ‘beauty and splendor.’

Someone hands me the class roll. I rush myself to accept the document and appear coherent. Upon signing my name, the professor cracks a joke and silently, simultaneously makes an arithmetic error on the board. His aged voice quavers as he attempts to prove himself useful by some educational or societal standard-- reassuring the class of his own self-worth.

The girl with all the answers has pitied him from day one. She often offers an ambiguous remark, leaving a plausible excuse for his mistake. This sort of act is commonly practiced upon men whom she deems worthy… not to take her or fuck her, but to make her feel beautiful. Pitying the professor serves as a medium for releasing her frustration and occupying a sense of hope.

Unfortunately, her plea is not noticed by the male population of the class (or even the female for that matter). Their minds are too focused on the wrong ideas and ideals. As the professor constructs another mathematical blunder, she prays it remains undetected while, at the same time, prepares a witty rebuttal. Her delicate balancing act heightens my awareness and unearths - to me - a new frame of reference. It then becomes apparent.

On Friday night she will make no plans. She will decide to take a hot bath instead of venturing out to find life. Within minutes, her hand will slowly slip into the water, then between her legs. She imagines herself in a perfect life. Fifteen minutes quickly pass until visions of beauty and splendor resound from behind her eyes.

Sweetest_Sin_Jes 36F

9/8/2005 2:53 pm

Wow - what a story! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!


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