Quiet weekend, considering....  

jim5131 55M
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9/6/2005 10:34 am

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Quiet weekend, considering....

Ever get one of those weekends where you feel as though nothing you do is going to make any difference in the world? Seems like people I know and usually call every other day or so aren't responding..people I email don't answer. Maybe I'm getting too dependent on others in gauging the day's successes and failures.

Tamara is underground. Left work with little warning two weeks ago..is going thru a divorce and settled into an apartment near here. We've always been friendly and now...not at work..no returns from cell phonemail..not at the apartment. hmmmm. She never told me she was leaving and she didn't have that many friends here to begin with. If her future ex did something...so help me...someone is getting thrown under a bus. She is a very sweet person and deserves only good things.

Friend Megan wants me to store her truck in the shop, says her ex is looking for it. She has the title and is borrowing another car until he backs off. She claims she doesn't want me involved, but I'm getting slowly drawn in...

Worked to fix a friend's `02 Intrepid over the weekend: left her stranded on the side of the road Saturday. I was 125 miles away when she called. Checked the car, topped off with coolant, went to shop, WALKED 2 miles to the car on a Saturday night (no life, what did I tell you?)..hunted for the parts Sunday at the only area wrecking yard that's open 7 days a week. Got her on the road that afternoon. No charge. Very appreciative.

Got a call from a friend that (I think)wanted to go out Sunday night..but I had Son2 with me..he wanted pizza and movie..didn't mean to blow her off but I was really busy..hope she didn't misread. Saw Transporter2..guy movie. Very guy. Funny if you don't take the actions scenes seriously. John Woo meets Tarantino meets Monty Python. Two Stars.

The whole ID theft thing with one of the more popular bloggers here hs hit me as strange. I had a guy try to steal my identity back in Shreveport..apparently knew enough about me to apply for credit cards, etc. He was caught easily enough, but I had my own business as an insurance/legal investigator, repoman/bail bond agent back then and I had resources the cops didn't have, as well as a drive to nail the guy myself. Nothing like her situation. Heart goes out to her. Very sweet lady. Really reminds me of the former fiancee.

Had friend Judy in New Orleans reach me over the weekend: she is safe in Shreveport. Lost the car and other stuff, but she's alive. One down...now I gotta wait out Kriss, among others..

I submitted a book to an e-publisher and sent a copy to TXRose..I think she was overwhelmed by the page count. It's a fictional adventure I wrote several years ago, had publishers interested in it but never signed the contract for any number of reasons.

Reading thru blogs last night...funny stuff. Had to put several on the Watchlist.

Thank God College football started. Best time of the year.

Back in the grind....gas is going up but will come back down. I thought I was too old to ride another motorcycle around all the time, but it's looking better and better....

duststormdiva 51F
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9/6/2005 9:24 pm

If I didn't have to transport my children, I'd get a motorcycle.


_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

9/13/2005 1:15 pm

did I make the watch list ?

jim5131 55M
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9/13/2005 7:45 pm

of course.... I told a buddy of mine about you: every time you run into a problem, or someone seeking a solution, it's simple...drink more coffee! ; )

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