More weekend stuff...are yours this bad???  

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More weekend stuff...are yours this bad???

What happened this weekend? I had all this stuff to do and did almost none of it.

Friday...worked in Bastrop/Austin/Killeen areas. Got a call from Melanie around noon.

Melanie is an adorable short petite blonde that ALMOST had an affair with me several years ago. She is seperated pending divorce and had moved to McKinney a year ago, north of Dallas. Jacquilyn is horribly jealous of her. Melanie's got a boyfriend up there named Jason, or something, and he REALLY checked me out when I dropped in for a few hours following a Shreveport wedding in April. They flew to San Antonio Wednesday night, did the tourist thing Thursday, he went to a class Friday at noon. He's barely gone and she's calling me to see if I'm in San Antonio and can I come to the hotel. She set this up the previous week. I let her know that if she has a good guy that treats her well, I'm not going to mess it up. I think she got the message, as much as I'd LOVE to bang her.

I worked late in Killeen area, got back around 7:00 and picked up Son2. We caught Son1's baseball game. He's actually one of the two coaches for the JV team's summer league. I met Keri, a team Mom that I was sweet on back in `98 and I haven't seen since. She is the only one that didn't hate me when I brought a new, 23-year-old girlfriend to the ballpark right after my divorce. She is interested in me. Again. Sweet. Keri.

We tie the game. Son1 takes Son2 home. Charity has a fat check from one of my clients but doesnt get home until 10:00..too late for me to drive to south Austin, we'll meet tomorrow morning. Jacquilyn calls, she is going to bed. Grocery shopped at 10:30, met with Tamara, a lovely Italian friend. She says she sold her house, is leaving her abusive husband and is looking for an apartment. Near the store. Near my house. hmmmmmmmmmm.

I go to office until midnight. Sleep, Jim, sleep.

Saturday...I have GOT to go to Hearne today, 110 miles east. I have a dear friend /sweetheart /former neighbor/should've- married-her named Anne that lives in LA. She is pending divorce from her idiot LAPD hubster. She is flying into Houston to go on a cruise from Galveston this morning and wanted to see me, but she has her new boyfriend with her. Not today, sweetheart. We'll meet when you come back on the 3rd of July.

Charity calls me around 10:00 am, I meet her twin sister and Charity's two teenaged kiddos at a BBQ place and I'm buying ($45). Deposit checks. Charity invites me to her Mom's birthday party at a south Austin Mexican restaurant at 7:00 tonight...ok, maybe..if I get back in time.

Drive truck to Hearne. Check on Jacquilyn's house in Taylor. It is the house she grew up in, became dilapidated and condemned. Bids to demolish were $7k, so I assured her I would do it. Six dumpsters and several front end loader rentals later ($2k) the house is 98% done. The last dumpster was never picked up. I call Jacquilyn to arrange a final pickup...again. I do the Hearne business. I drive past Hearne a few miles to my farm..haven't been there in months. Check things out. Visit neighbor Barbara across road. I've known Barb for over ten years...if we ever had the chance (or may still) we'd bang all night. Never came close.

Get back to Austin. Too late for Charity. Not too late for the UTexas/Florida game in Omaha. ShitShowerShave. Go to Buddy Randy's BBQ joint for brisket and beer. I meet up with Buddy Troy, he wants to go to an ArcAngels show this Friday. Maybe. We'll see. Longhorns win. After eight beers I still can't reach Jacquilyn. She is at a benefit for one of her old boyfriends..he has cancer and is a single Dad. No movie for you, girl. Racked out at 10:00.

Sunday....woke up early with the cottonmouth. Went to office and wrote yesterday's blog entry. AC is out in the office. Bummer. Get a call from Son1: can you come to the game and fire up the kids, do infield, tweak batters? okay. Noon. Okay. And work on my buddie's `72 Camaro rear end afterward? (I have eight hours of paperwork in front of me). Okay, we'll see. I'm too freakin' nice.

Ballpark at noon. Keri shows up. Sweet. Pep talk/infield/batting. Keri brought a radio for the 2:00 game in Omaha. Sweet. I run to the store for batteries. The kids played a four hour marathon in the heat and lost in the bottom of the 11th inning by walking a run in for an 8-7 game. Bye kids. Bye coaches. Bye Keri. Take Son1 to BBQ for rehydrating and last two innings of game. Horns win. Cool.

Went to Son1's buddy's apartment to check out this Camaro. Nope. Not working there. Load all parts into truck and head to office/shop. Work on rear axle for six hours (except for Taco Cabana run..$2. This kid is a good kid. Danny. He worked thru school, is working thru college. I'll help with whatever I can. Rear axle isn't done at midnight but I am.

Monday...wake up at 6:00, thinking of Keri. hmmmmmmm. At shop early, call buddy Mike to get AC done. Buddy Larry calls...brings his "Jeem es mas macho' routine to the phone. He locks his keys in his car downtown. I'll be there in a few hours. Maybe.

Jacquilyn has dumpster taken care of, she says city needs the lot COMPLETELY cleared. I tell her to set up another morning with the frontend loader and small dumpster to finish the job. I'll pay.

Check mail/deposit checks. Drop in on buddy Dave at machine shop. Advises me NOT to do rear end and I agree. Too expensive and too easy to screw up. I pick up Son2 at his mom's/fromer Mrs house. We go to shop..Mike is there. Mike is a Filipino...pretty cool guy. Larry calls car open. Cool. Take Son2 to drivetrain shop and drop off Camaro rear end. Eat TacoHell. Yuk. Take Son2 to shop so he can work on HIS `89 Camaro. At 3:00 we break, tke him to my house to clean up, then to meet the former Mrs at the DMV for his learner's permit.

I go to baseball field in town for tonight's game. Stretch. Infield. Peptalk. Keri is there. Sweet. The kids get crushed. Buddy Larry calls. He has been trying to hook me up with one of his wife's friends. Alison. She needs a kiss and a fuck. And a pot to boil a rabbit in. He, among all Buddies, is the first to rail me for being nice to women and poo-poos me for hooking up with psychos. She is recently dumped and needs a lay. Sure. She can use my back to sink her hooks. Thanxx Larry.

Kids are losing. I have work. Bye sweet Keri. Get home. ShitShowerShaveEat. Write blog entry. Paperwork is teasing me.

At least the AC works. Thanxx Mike.

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