Looking back at High School...and football..and cheerleaders..  

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8/28/2005 11:55 pm

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Looking back at High School...and football..and cheerleaders..

Sooo sorry....manymanymany thing happening in my life lately and not enough time to blog as much as I used to. ...weekend wasn't as exciting as I wished it was..not much to tell. Went to see Son1 off to school..headed up to Dallas, my friend Michelle hooked me up with exclusive tickets to the Cowboys-Texans game...so I'm doing 80mph almost the whole way..

checked into the hotel in Irving at 2:30..calls from Michelle..she picks me up at the room, nice girl..known her for several years and we meet for the first time.. nothing sparks and that's good...she's driving her hubster's Dodge truck..we motor back to Texas Stadium, permit parking right next to the VIP entrance..head up to the Stadium Clubhouse...very swanky, great waitstaff, open bar, open buffet, personalized menus, beautiful view of the field from the west endzone..we eat until we are stuffed, I meet her hubster, he's thin as a rail.... nice guy, though.

We go to the Corral, a private club in a tent off to the side..I've been to these at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio...they're always drink booths, a cover band, and a bunch of wannabe celebs. whoppee. We stop in the Locker Room, I get Michelle and her hubster Tshirts, as well as for my boys...$cha-chinggg$..

We sit on the 2nd row reserved...and it's hot. Around us are the cheerleader's families, etc..made conversation with a family there, their daughter came by afterward..nice girl...Son1 also knew one of them, she dated his best friend.....I don't remember her name and apparently (according to him) she's been at my house during one of his parties. I've only met one DCC: this nutty girl named Laurel that I used to date had one as a best friend..Michelle. She was a blonde cutie..we did a Dallas trip in 2000 and visited her and her parents in N. Richland Hills..she was on an MTV show, but was killed in a Jeep accident near Houston back in 2002....I called Laurel after that and spoke to her briefly..

The game is good. Funny thing: she knows absolutely nothing about football..I'm explaining as we go..I don't know either team, as I really don't care too much for the ego/agents/contracts/signing bonuses/etc of pro football... but I know several of the players via Texas Tech, UT and A&M. I just didn't know they went to the Dallas or Houston franchises.

Jacquilyn calls me..wants to know where I am "It sounds really loud.." I tell her I'm in Texas Stadium..and I know what she wants..bootie call...kids are at the ex..it's Saturday..and I know her period schedule..she's a horndog this time of the month.....then she hears Michelle talking to me in the background and her tone changes... suddenly she's pissed...says she'll call later, (yeah, right).

Darlene doesn't call..and that's good..She is also in Dallas this weekend. Apparently her hubster's brother and sister-in-law are about to kill each other and they went up to referee or something. She said that if things get ugly she'll need a ride home..or place to stay Saturday..I left word at the hotel to give her a keycard if she comes by..

Cowboys win..I get a few good photos..Afterward we're back at the Stadium Club, watching the stadium empty out, talking with a number of interesting people..we go to the locker rooms, out to the field, into the pressroom, see the Texans board the bus..I said hello to three that I knew from Texas universities.... I wished them well and promised to keep up with them.

...her husband come up after an hour, we all leave together and eat at Bennigans' (the only decent restaurant open at midnight)..they drop me off at the hotel..I watch TV until 2am..wake up at 9am..missed breakfast (shit...) and get on the road..Eat at IHOP near Waco..Charity calls, a little disappointed that I didn't come out to the jazz club Friday..she drank margaritas, then beer (bad choice) and got sick. I told her I'd call later..

I stopped at Crawford to catch the freakshow at the President's ranch. I've been there before on claims, but this is different. Crawford is a sleepy little town, like the thousand or so just like it, but now there are scads of out-of-state plates on Volvos and VWs, plastered with antiwar stickers. I hang with the ex military biker crowd and we shoot the shit for a while... cool guys. They saw I was wearing my 'Marines' Tshirt and started several conversations..

Son1 finally returns my call: he had baseball meetings, physicals and such all day Saturday and Sunday..all is good. I'll be out there next weekend to buy stuff for him..

Get to the former Mrs' house..give Son2 his Cowboys Tshirt and leave Son1's in his room. Son2 spent the previous day at a waterpark with his former girlfriend and was exhausted. He learned how to play beer pong from his big brother the Friday night before Son1 went to college. Poor kid..the only time he really drinks is with his Mom or Dad. As it should be...good thing, though...all Son1's ladyfriends LOVE Son2..so he's used to that attention..from those big-boobed girls..and he acts more mature than the other 15 year old buddies that he hangs with. He said he got the emailed photos of him with Anne's daughter and a German exchange student in California...she was a Lisa Loeb-looking cutie and both really took a liking to each other.

I get back late afternoon..check emails but I'm too sweaty and tired to respond. I shower, nap, cook chicken and rice, nap some more..call Lisa and leave a message. I'll call Charity tomorrow. I won't call Jacquilyn back at all. Dropped off the DVDs and stopped by the office..wrote this...

I have been in touch with a friend of mine from high school days, and it came about sorta funny. I joined, begrudgingly, one of the classmate/reunion/whatever sites for a minimum period in order to reach my first girlfriend, Kay, now (I think) happily married and living in Florida. She responded, sent a photo, something turned sour and that was that...damn. BUT..I browsed thru the classmates and ran across another name of a cutie back then...she was sort of a naughty girl/stoner..I was sorta a jock..
but she responded. Robyn. Loved her eyes. Honestly, I don't think we spoke more than a dozen word to each other back then..She emails me back and we start a dialogue...and it's great. Love talking to this girl..she's happily married in SC and I'm proud of her.... great hubster and great kids..We talk for two weeks and I give her my 800# to the office and she calls.....the conversation soon goes to sex.

She emails me later Friday night asking how I go down on women and I respond Saturday morning: I describe foreplay in detail...Saucy. She loves it. I confessed that I usually didn't say those things to a woman, but I DID do it once before, as a tease:

When I was in the Marines in Southern California, my buddy Lew and I took this sorta cute female Marine down the West Coast Riviera for a long weekend of sightseeing and surfing. We did the cheap hotels, bought used boards and learned to surf, did the whole southern Cali coast thing from Newport to San Diego.....very cool..but neither of us wanted to screw this girl: Lew was used to supermodel types (and she was maybe a 5..) and I was married..

I was driving on the way back and asked her if she expected sex from one or both of us..she played stupid, of course, so Lew and I took turns going over our foreplay techniques..in graphic detail..except with all the sounds, faces, etc....then how we love to make love to women in the different positions, what we like to watch for..tits shaking, eyes roll back, claws in the hips, the moans, the "fuck me, baby...fuck me harder"..she was getting pretty hot, obviously.... poor girl was in the back of my Blazer by herself.....then we started talking about how we would gang-bang her, taking turns in different ends..cumming in her mouth..cumming in her vagina..cumming in her ass..cumming on her tits....talking about how wierd it would feel when our nutsacks would slap as we double-penetrated her..stuff like that....she was screaming for us to stop...it was so funny..she was red with embarassment...We kept it up for an hour. Neither of us wanted to touch her, still....that girl...jeeze. I think she was medically discharged before the end of the year because she power-scarfed Cheetos and couldn't/wouldn't lose the weight.

Oh well....I'll keep up with the blogs and get more active. Work is busy. Women are still at arm's length. Cars are still a-wreckin'...

jim5131 55M
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8/29/2005 10:28 pm

thanks, ladies...I'm glad to be back. Been pretty busy while the boys were out for the summer.

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1/14/2006 4:08 am

were u ever a cheerleader dmd?

you look pretty enough to be one!

i hope you the best of luck in finding the wet one of ur dreams.

bye dmd!

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