It's Sunday, and I'm not in the mood for church....  

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6/26/2005 7:23 am

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It's Sunday, and I'm not in the mood for church....

Day One. Never did a blog before but I've just GOTTA start going somewhere.

I was married from 84-97 and have two boys..both good-looking, studly types, smart and personable....I like to remind them that I was also much like they are now, waaaaay back when..and don't do to yourselves what I have allowed myself to become. I can truthfully say they have used that guidance well, both are turning out just fine. The older is in his 2nd year in college, playing baseball and has a great circle of friends, enjoying life, beautiful women and fast cars and the love of his parents.....the younger is a minature of the first, maybe less athletic, lots more fun, doing the beat of the different drummer thing...

Funny how I see in each of them the different sides of my Gemini personality: who I am and who I wished I was more of.

Their Mom was unfaithful in her first marriage. Silly me..thought I could be the 'one' for her and totally forgot the story of the leopard and its spots. I was in the Marines when she wierded out on me and the boys. Talk about your life-changing event.

I have tried several relationships since the divorce: a woman 10 years younger, bighearted, brunette, warm and shy, that was incapable of children (and, to my dismay, commitment); an extremely messy, liberal redheaded, overactive businesswoman/Mom with an insanely unravelled lifestyle; a longtime single brunette Mom that enjoyed workouts and only needed me once a month and ignored me the other 29 days; a psychotic, beautiful, insane, Spanish self-employed Mom with a litany of strange bedfellows; a beautiful blonde Cheryl Tiegs twin, terrific, professional neighbor that truly had it 'all' except confidence in her future; a blonde, married 30 year old Nebraska Mom that was my bookkeeper for a while, then divorced/moved in/went nuts on me; and finally, a Christian Spanish Mom with a great heart, messy house and confused sense of relationships.

Like an old car, there's a story behind each of my dented fenders.

I'm self-employed, work for insurance companies and handle auto claims. It gives me great freedom to move around Central Texas, eat barbeque and watch the highways and flowers grow, meet people and sometimes flirt. It also takes up a LOT of my time. Like now....

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/27/2005 8:32 pm

Well... Here's to hoping that AdultFriendFinder will bring a new outlook on life. BTW, you are off to a great start with your blog. Keep it up; I am looking forward to seeing what else you might write!!

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