Baseball, correction centers, steaks and sleepovers...  

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10/19/2005 12:25 pm

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Baseball, correction centers, steaks and sleepovers...

Interesting if I have time to write in 'all' the details...and it's late anyway.

My friend Kena in Houston came in to watch Son1's game in Brenham Friday night..they tied and he didn't pitch. Oh well. Good game nevertheless. I had the Pontiac Grand Prix by that time and was getting used to it. We took Son1 and his girlfriend Jamie out, as well as a buddy and his girlfriend. Had a nice dinner at Chilis catching highlights of the Astros/Cards game. She left her car at Son1's buddy's apartment.

Kena (rhymes with Tina) is a really sweet girl..big hearted, a black belt in martial arts, overworked, very religious and a pure stressbomb. She has some health issues and has a hard time keeping food down without getting sick. I suspected a nervous stomach and encouraged her to get a checkup when she gets back. She needed a weekend to relax and I asked her to come up to Austin to get away from Houston. No strings. No commitment. No expectations. Relax and get pampered.

Her 17-year-old son got in trouble as a juvenile and is locked up for the time being...I really wanted to talk to him and that was probably the impetus of the weekend visit: she is unsure about driving on long car trips and the center is an hour north of Austin.

We got in to Austin around midnight and went to bed. Nice to sleep with someone again...I was a gentleman. Woke up late with a sweetheart in bed with me. Very nice.

We picked up Son2 and started working on his Camaro while she did some computer work in the office. Son2 and I were listening to the Texas Tech, UTex, A&M and Notre Dame/USC games. Buddy Larry calls: his wife's Honda transmission went out, so we locked up the shop and zipped to South Austin to tow her to the shop...Son1's game is in 2 hours....90 miles away.

Dropped off Son2, got cleaned up, flew to Brenham and caught the game. They won, played a good game...once again to Chili's for dinner with the same crowd. Another trip back to Austin and in after midnight.

Sunday morning...left around 10am for Corsicana to see her son. Had good conversation all the way. She had a series of rough marriages and undependable men in her life. She is so concerned about how he will see me..still another guy in his Mom's life. I reassure her that he and I will get along just fine: I completely relate to his anger and want him to connect with me. We get there...only have an hour to talk...and we connect. Immediately. This kid is angry and scared, thinking the world gave up on him. Four years.

We talk hope. We talk plans. We talk future on the outside. He is smiling. His Mom is smiling. We connected and like each other. Deep inside, he's a good kid that may or may not've made a mistake, but he's paying nevertheless. Four years. This cage took his innocence. He asked me to write him....I promised I would.

Kena is thrilled. Such a release of anxiety.

We motor to the farm, 100 miles south...I show her around, the garden, the fruit trees, the tractor and implements, the fencelines, the stock watering tanks, the house, the rent house....I install an additional water line in the bathroom and check the prior repairs, making notes of things I still need to do. She loves the place...very charming. We visit Barbara across the road...wonderful woman. Love her to death.

Son1 is waiting for us...they are cooking steaks at his buddy's apartment and wanted us to come over. We zip to Brenham, 80 miles away, I bring BBQ beans, King's Hawaiian bread and frozen broccoli n' of the girls' favorites....and beer, of course. We can't stay, she has to go back to work tomorrow and I have a ton of paperwork in Austin that's getting older.

We get her car, I fill it up..say goodbye and depart. A long hug. Perfect.

It was nice to know that in the little time that we had together, she found peace for at least the weekend. She was pampered, befriended, relaxed, ate like a normal person and slept well.
Her wish for her son's happiness is one step closer.

One of the better weekends in the last year....

looking4fun68123 50F

10/20/2005 6:11 am

You have such busy weekends - you make me feel like a slug!!!!

rm_sexypinay16 44F
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10/20/2005 9:29 pm

Just be happy...may you find your way home too...someday.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

jim5131 55M
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10/20/2005 11:09 pm

I am blessed by two lovely women's comments..and from opposite sides of the earth. Thanks to you both.

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