..around the bend..  

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8/3/2005 8:25 pm

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..around the bend..

Funny day. Stayed up too late, blogged and got blogged last night until about...0300. Left the domelight on in the Grand Prix and killed the battery ("..what the...") so I set it on charge and crashed on the futon in the warehouse. Sleeps single. Just as well.

Woke up nineish. Charity called the night before, she was supposed to meet her boyfriend/fiance John at this new rent house in South Austin. She calls ostensibly to chat small talk, but I read easily between the lines. John is trying to back out. And she already has a lease signed for a year at $800 a month. And she doesn't think he's going to follow through. I feel a slow sting in my shoulder, eventually feeling like a grappling hook digging into my flesh. I think she's on the other end of the rope connected to it....I think it's geting deeper. I think she caught...yes, it is...she's reeling in the SugarDaddy..and he's a keeper.

Then Amanda calls. Her parents will not cosign a student loan for her to go to college and she can't do it on her own. She is crying. I agree to cosign and bite my tongue to keep quiet the self-inflicted ass-kicking I'm giving myself as I mouth the words "I'll do it". I know when I do these things and I can't say 'no'. She emailed the info. I filled it out. Damn. I really wish some parents would simply go to bat for their own kids.

Brings me to today. I slept in yesteday's clothes and jumped right into work. Showered at noon. Post Office. Bank. Office. No field work today. Turned the AC down and relaxed.

Banker called. Said I can get the Grand Prix no problemo. I told him it would be Tuesday latest, maybe Monday...it's in Lockhart, 40 miles south of Austin. Called Son1, said he'd give me the lift that day.

Checked out 'Around the Bend' on DVD at the house. Great flick, a must-see for any guy that's getting in his years and has unresolved anger at his Dad. It's got Christopher Walken in it..one guy I'd really like to meet before I/he dies. Bob Schneider said he had a really funny telephone message from Walken and posted it on his website, bobschneidermusic.com. It is hilarious. Checkit out.

I thought about something my Dad told me that he always wanted to do: take a canoe trip down the Trinity River...maybe three days. Camping. Hunting. Fishing. Drinking. Guy stuff. Guys and their sons. School starts soon. College starts soon. Work is a little slow at the moment. If not now..when? I'll check in on the feasibility on the rental & pickups and surprise him. Three days with me and my two boys will reconnect us. I always was a little pissed at him for breaking my Mom's heart. 'Tis Christian to forgive. Done.

As far as the movie..five stars. Joe Bob says Check It Out.

Melanie is going to be in town next Sunday..something about having to be in town Monday morning for her divorce SomethingOrOther. She hinted that she needs to find a place to stay. AS MUCH AS I'D LIKE HER TO STAY WITH ME...I told her that her current guy wouldn't take it well. Ugh. Don't I have seniority here? One night with me and she wouldn't even be awake throught the divorce thing the next morning. Her head would still be in a bedroom in North Austin. Oh well.

I need to email Julie (not cancer Julie...Wichita Falls Julie) and be nice. I need to contact Sandra in San Antonio...I'm such a jerk.

Like any woman will tell you. It's the nice ones that break your heart. Like any guy will tell you. Nice guys don't get laid.

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

8/4/2005 10:19 am

so many women....so little time..

jim5131 55M
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8/5/2005 7:53 am

.....I don't really dance..these are all women standing around the gym, watching others dance...just like me..

Theflinkychick 105F

8/6/2005 9:50 am

I read a few entries in this blog and I don't know how you even have time to breath!

Not all who wander are lost.

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