...lots of stuff in the past week...  

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7/21/2005 11:12 pm

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...lots of stuff in the past week...

Where did I leave off? I guess I'll hit the highlights..

Work is intense...Son1 got caught in a drag race with a Mustang late on a Sunday night..cuffed and tossed in the back of a Leander cruiser, but the cop was extremely cool, called his Mom and she came over and talked to the guy, explained the college, two jobs, baseball, etc...cop was cool and let Son1 complelety off the hook. He did notice the next day that someone did a hit 'n run on the front of the Camaro...so he pulls the car into the shop and now he's driving one of my trucks while we sand the Camaro down for an overall refinish. Same color and stripes, at least.

WorkWorkWork...Son2 is done with the driving school. We do a quick trip on the 11th to College Station and back, then a 600 mile trip to Brownwood, Junction, Rock Springs, San Antonio and Johnson City, then back to Austin on the 12th. What a trooper. Doesn't quite have his Dad's foot-to-the-floor genetics, but he's comfortable at 80 mph. Heyy....he's only 15...

Wednesday the 13th...back to East Texas..more wrecked cars..so I do the photos, report, invoice, email...(yawn)..

I'm getting responses here and in MySpace...interesting. I have lunch with TxRose at a Cedar Park BBQ joint...nice girl. Good conversation. Brisket was good. Sauce wasn't. I'm talking to a girl in San Antonio...nice girl. Lots of conversation. I catch a message from Loretta...a friend from, like, seven years ago. We talk briefly and promise to stay in touch.

All day Saturday and Sunday..work on Camaro. Sandblasting wasn't what it needed to be, so we're wirebrushing the entire lower half of the car...two coats of black, three coats of primer, three greens and a thick clearcoat. No wonder we weren't happy with the paint quality after we shot it two years ago. Jacquilyn came by Saturday night and watched a DVD...hard to talk to that girl anymore. Still love her, just can't trust her.

Sunday worked on the Landcruiser as well, grinding rust from and refinishing the floor, then spraying a bedliner material in the rear cargo area. Looks good....Amanda calls, her Blazer isn't starting. Her boyfriend Josh is checkin on it. Let me know if I can help....

Moday...supposed to tackle the 15 or so claims in San Antonio, but I punt it 'til Tuesday. Too busy in Austin....I head out to Amanda's to get her to work at 8:00...after picking up one of her friends...she is an absolute sweetheart. Known her for 5 years..she is a year older than Son1 and have been friends for at least as long. Practically a daughter to me..love taking her and the boys out to movies and dinner. She and Son1 are best friends..if I had a daughter, I'd want her to be like Amanda. She was playing volleyball at a small college and is transferring to another this fall. We talk easily and openly. Her Stepdad is always giving her grief...sometimes I think I'm the closest thing to a Dad she's always wanted. We find out that her fuel pump is shot....I'll put one in for her.

Tuesday...in San Antonio, but late...call Sandra in San Antonio and catch a room at the Gunter Sheraton...we meet in the lobby. Nice girl. Kisses well. Funny story: as soon as we get to the room we kiss.....and in walks some guy..another guest. ("oops, sorry...") I catch him down the hall and find out that he was assigned the same room, a front desk screwup. No biggie....but then I get a call a few minutes later...thye're apologizing and sending up a bottle of champagne to show their appreciation. Pop. (pour). clink. sip. ahhhhhhhh....

Sandra and I talk...openly and honestly..lots to talk about. We head out shortly afterward and do the RiverWalk..nice evening, cool and almost a full moon. Everything's closing at 10 pm, but we catch a good Mexican restaurant and eat...drink a few Tecates...talk more. Nice girl.

Back at the hotel...funny thing...I really didn't want to do anything. Maybe it just didn't feel right, maybe after listening to all she had to say, spilling her heart to me, I didn't want to be just another guy that used her for his own satisfaction. We fell asleep in each other's arms......nice. Sure miss that. She woke up early and left after a kiss...nice.

Did the rest of my work. Sandra called...really upset..she couldn't find her 17-year-old daughter anywhere and suspected the worse. I reassured her that it was probably an innocent sleepover at a friend's house and not to wig.. Took a minute to say a prayer for her.

Prayer worked....Sandra's daughter showed up...simple oversleep at a friend's house. Thanks, God. My Hero.

I get a call from the credit union: I can buy the Z71 no problemo...just bring in last year's taxes and the 2 grand down payment. Yikes..(not the 2 grand..the taxes)..I call Darlene, she's not sure she can get the numbers before the middle of next month. Darn. I like this truck. I want to get rid of the GMC Canyon. Maybe I'll still be able to wing it. She recommends a place near my office to do the taxes. I laugh....that's where my last bookkeeper went...the crazy one. thanxx anyway.

Worked the rest of the day: San Antonio, Dilley, Boerne, Kerrville, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Rosanky...finally Austin. Amanda calls..I'll look at her Blazer tomorrow. Email is loaded. Fax is loaded. sigh......I process photos and invoice for the two days, go home and watch 'Fandango', Kevin Costner's first movie in `84 and one of my favorites. Joe Bob says Check It Out.

Today: wake up late. Sandra and I are talking a lot. Amanda is at a weeklong volleyball camp as an instructor. I jump into the truck and take off. Claims in Pflugerville, Georgetown, Killeen, Burnet, Llano and 5 in Austin. Stop in at a client's office to talk to all....bosses are out and the girls are drinking Tecate at 5pm. They are a fun bunch. Charity is there but leaves early. I still need to change oil in her sister's car. Talk to Jennifer. Talk to Tiffany..nice girl..lil' crazy, maybe.. get a keepsie and a kiss. Unexpected. Tecate talkin'...

Son1 has the part for Amanda's Blazer and had to buy a new DA sander to finish his car. No biggie. $50.

I get in late. Son1 drops in for a minute after dinner with friends. We'll pick up Amanda's Blazer tomorrow morning and tow it to the shop.

I do today's billing and photos. The stack of undone work grows like a fungus on the left side of my desk. Teasing me. Tomorrow. Shit.

First....I blog. Then work.

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7/24/2005 3:11 pm

Es macht keine underscheid.....

I've lived in Germany throughout the 70s and recall the high prices for gas even though, but it's all relative. We could never get the ADAC (or any other) insurance or many of the other perks. I pay over $500 a month in insurance. We do a lot of driving, as a country, and generally work long hours to feed a voracious economy. I do appreciate the automotive end of the US. I loved the closeness of Europe. Six of one, Half a dozen...

...and I wish I had an autobahn that I could open up on...

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