...if I can just remember to stay on track....  

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7/10/2005 1:03 pm

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...if I can just remember to stay on track....

Friday was the sign of another short week; not enought time to do the things that I had planned throughout the week. It was a sweet young thing in Waco..looked at her smushed Honda at a catfish restaurant..then back to Austin for another..then three in San Antonio. Larry calls, wants me to stop by his house and drink a beer, but I've gotta pick up Son2 in north Austin at 8:00. And Charity calls, she wants to know if she can stop by tonight so I can do her car...yes, of course. After Son2 is tken care of.

I pick up a check for a customer in New Braunfels and fight traffic all the way into Austin.

Charity and her 13-year old daughter come by around 7:30, we let her car cool off and I ge the oil/filter and trek off to pick up Son2. He's got a pool party in Cedar Park..we drop him off and head over to Johnny Carinos for a quick dinner. Talktalktalk. Good conversation. The daughter doesn't like cannoli for dessert. Oh well. Jacquilyn calls, leaves message. Larry calls, leaves message. Jacquilyn wants to come over. I don't return call. I leave message for Larry.

We head back to the shop, Neon is cooled down. I change over and take care of the oil/filters. It is 10:00, Charity leaves with daughter. Nice girls. I work until midnight.

Saturday: a wrecked 18-wheeler in Georgetown in the morning..call Son1 to rose him up at noon. Depoist checks. Eat lunch at TacoCabana. Pick up Son1 and we head out to Marble Falls. I have a Grand Prix out there with electrical problems...my own Grand Prix. We replace alternator and battery and solve those problems, then drive back to Austin and store it in the shop..

Son2 is at his Mom's house..we hang out there for a while, pick up a skiboat in Leander and bring it back..Son1's buddy Danny is having Camaro troubles. We check it out: the recently-rebuilt transmission is more recently-broken. I invite him to bring it to the shop to pull..I've got a great trans tech I take all my stuff to. We head back over to the former Mrs' house..she is back from some conference.

Son1 and I play catch...he is at 200 feet..I am one-hopping, he is throwing strikes. Wow. Good arm. It is now dark on Saturday. We head back to the former Mrs house.

Son2 is jamming with the neighbor..he plays drums, the neighbor is a great guitarist. Listen for a while and head out. Slightly sweaty, a little tired. Son1 is going to get cleaned up and go to some party. He'll be eating at the former Mrs' house.

I'm starving..I go to the Rocking Tomato, a pretty good pizza place that does karaoke on weekends in north Austin. Deep dish sausage and three Dos Equis. I don't get drunk enough to take the mike, though. Early night. ShitShowerShave. DVD, but don't make it through.

Sunday morning...another Sunday morning and I don't feel like church. I sleep until 6:30, then nap off-and-on until 1:00. Like a teen-ager. Like a rock star. I don't remember sleeping in past noon in the past 10 years. Amazing. Called Larry. Need to work on his LandCruiser and my car. First the Grand Prix. Before that, I must blog....

...and blog I do.

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