...busybusybusy weekend.....no, still no sex, sorry  

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11/14/2005 6:28 am

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...busybusybusy weekend.....no, still no sex, sorry

I have done a BUNCH in the past two weeks and haven't had any time to blog. I think I'm weaning myself away from this site..too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Tuesday last week Son1 was pitching a game and I went...I had called Gypsy earlier the previous week and told her I'd stop in to see how she and her son were doing. We met at a Tommy Bahamas and ate...her son kept us entertained..we talked at her house until 11pm. Very nice lady. I got back to Austin at 2am and hit the rack at 3am...

Two weeks ago I was in the middle of an email session with FirstLove Kay in Jacksonville and I told her about the Singapore karaoke thing, where I dedicated this song to her...(innocent, right?). She asked what I thought if her hubster read her emails...I told her to remind him of the fact that he's a really lucky guy. She goes a few days...emails back...very introspective messages. Apparently they have had problems in the past and she didn't want to cause problems in the marriage. Neither will I. I haven't responded. She emailed again Friday with something light-hearted and sweet...still haven't responded. I will not cause problems...

Work last week was a bitch...driving all day every day. A fatality in Schulenberg...a stolen truck in Kerrville...ugh..Lots of stuff piling up on the desk..

I did the Friday Football thang..played in the BiDistrict championship won handily...sat with the Former Mrs the whole time (wierd). People we knew for years were looking at us like 'Oh, look, they're back together...that's so sweet' (HA!) Her husband is coming back in a few weeks from California, but the job takes him to Luling, about 70 miles south. He apparently isn't going to drive everyday. He's going to get an apartment there. I see trouble...

Saturday (what DID I do Saturday?)..Kena called, she is working all day...I worked at the shop in the morning. Texas A&M is playing Oklahoma.. first I watch, but it turns ugly...then better as A&M comes back....I'm listening to the UT game but I know they're going to kill Kansas, so it isn't a priority.....Charity came by with her sister around noon..I told her to bring her car by so I can change her oil, etc. She came by & brought her twin sister..took the girls out to a TexMex place for lunch, then to the parts store, then to shop, then did the change, then filled and washed her car...( I know.. I'm just a big sucker for a pretty face, just like any other guy)..hugs...thanks...Celeste, the sister, has problems with her car as well and I told her to bring it by tomorrow. She is going to be in this part of town at 7am to clean houses (her parttime job with Charity)..ugh...Okay, 7am.

A&M loses 36-30 in a good game. UTex blows out Kansas.....yeehaw.

Picked up Son2 afterward and he drove the car to the shop (so we can work on HIS car)..we get there and he asks if there's any food in the fridge..he's hungry.(!?)..okay, so we leave and run an errand to the inkjet place for two refills, go to Bennigans' for a burger for him..get back to the shop and it's five friggin' o'clock. Shit. Okay, no work on the Camaro today.

So he wants to see "Jarhead"...okay, I don't want to see it, but I agree...We catch it at the Alamo Drafthouse, where waitresses bring beer, food , etc to your table. I drink Fosters. Then another.... and another (Hey, he's driving, right?) This movie is the biggest piece of shit lie that I have ever seen on the screen. Nothing like the Corps. Nothing like the war. Nothing like Marines. Pisses me off....

Called 5_speed to see how he's doing...said all was okay, he needed to get things straight and Blogville was too intense. I reminded him of the time he was about to shoot his computer just to get away...I completely related to that. Told him to stay in touch...

I get Son2 back to his Moms'..go to the shop and drink another two beers...and blog a little..lot of nice comments on the book...thanxx to all.

Y'all are a great bunch of people.

Sunday...(I haven't been to church in months....) I get up early and am at the shop at 7am......and 8am....and 9am, but by then I'm sleeping on the futon in the back office. Kena calls, she is going to Corsicana to visit her son. She is driving with her friend Michelle.

..about 930am, Charity comes by with Celeste, Charity's 14-year old daughter Tori and Tori's little friend..I give her the keys to the `00 Grand Prix so they can go...get parts..change oil and filter...new brake pads up front..take the car to the parts store and scan the computer, as it has a check engine light...was only evap code. I cleared the code, filled and washed the car and back to the shop, went to the house for lunch and changed clothes...Charity and Co came back around 2pm..picked up car..hugs..thanks..

Kena calls...her son's detention center is in lockdown..some kids got on the roof and were doing damage..she drove three hours north..waited until 3pm...the visitation day was cancelled. She is upset.

Jacquilyn calls...she wants to meet with me for drinks tonight...I tell her I'm busy. She is persistent...I finally agree...later.

worked until 7pm on office work...went to gym and worked out until 830, called my Mom, she is going into surgery Wednesday but doesn't want me there, says sister Terri can manage everything...called Jacquilyn and said I was not up to 'drinks' and was going over to the house. Called Kena to say goodnight...

I cook lemon pepper chicken with rice and garlic bread with a bottle of Mosel..secret is finally out: white wine to sweeten the lemon. Why didn't I do that before? I'm watching a DVD and washing clothes......and.. A knock on my door (!?)...I open the door and Jacquilyn is there...and I am standing with comfy pants and no shirt. Okaaay.

We talk..I do not hide the fact that I'm still hurt by all 'that' but I have it behind me. I eat and offer her no drink, food, anything...I clean up the kitchen while we talk, then sit with plenty of space between us...and talk more. (God, she is beautiful...as is the belladonna flower..). She asks that I NOT blog about the content of the conversation and I promised I wouldn't...but it was deep, open, meaningful and heart-to-heart. We got a lot cleared up and I feel much better about her.

We get a LOT out..she drives me to the shop so I can pick up the 'other' Grand Prix..we hug. Long. I suppose I miss her more than I thought I did. Putting her in the back of my mind when she never really left my heart...I agree to stay friends with her..she leaves.

I catch the rest of the DVD, almost expecting another knock at the door, but it never comes. Sleep at midnight. Up at dawn...


Time to do this week again...

rm_luke69iner 48M
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11/15/2005 12:00 pm

Way to go Jim ... I'm impressed with your integrity with your FirstLove

You're a busy man ... How do you have time to write

Nice to see a glimpse into your life ... You write even your day to day life with an uncommon style

Hope your Mom's surgery goes well on Wednesday

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

jim5131 55M
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11/15/2005 3:38 pm

Thanxx Luke...and thanxx for the hope on the surgery. I trust she'll be fine.

I really DON'T have time to blog...I stay fairly busy with the driving and office work.

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