...and now it gets wierd.  

jim5131 55M
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12/5/2005 10:05 am

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1/28/2008 8:50 am

...and now it gets wierd.

It's Monday morning and time is flying..I haven't finished Friday's work yet and I'm trying to get into the mood...

I called Kena earlier this week..we spoke briefly and I said it had been an emotional month. she called back later but let two of her calls to go to voicemail...I think I'm in full retreat right now.. Jacquilyn is calling and coming over daily. Melanie is calling, crying because Jason left her and she needs someone to talk to. Kay is calling and emailing about a heart she broke 25 years ago. I think kyplowboy22 was right...knee deep in estrogen...no shit. Knee friggin' deep.

Kena is patient, and I'm not really bent over her going to Corsicana with this guy she works with..they're just friends...and she promised that..even though I've had girlfriends that screwed around on me, she would never do such a thing. I reminded her that they had made the same promise.. She's just a lil' pushy. Maybe the Victoria's Secret bag, bottle of Chardonnay and scented candles in her car the last time she came over did it...(do ya love me or do you love what I can offer?)...I'm not offering, am I?

Charity's 12-year-old son was arrested for criminal mischief/vandalizing/trespassing just before Thanksgiving and is still there (she can't post bond and hasn't asked me yet). She was crushed, but this little guy hasn't had a man in his life since he was born...all sisters, Mom, aunts, cousins and grandmothers. I told her to let him stay in jail I offered to let him ride with me, since he's been expelled from school and will drop a grade. I think he needs a role model (not that I'm that great, it's better than the hoods he runs with now..) and we've gotten along in the past.

Kay is emailing and calling...strange. This incredible creature that I was so in love with in high school is now a rich man's wife...bored out of her mind..her excitement of the day was cleaning grout in the kitchen, putting in a roast, looking forward to a few miles' run and a few laps in the pool. She wrote that she was upset because I wasn't in Shreveport at Thanksgiving, as she was...Her life is so shallow that it kills me, her husband isn't warm anymore, she is her children's mother and her husband's wife...no more self, no more of her own identity...can't carry a deep conversation.. Now she feels the need to rehash a heartbreak, as if I want to know...(Kay...let it go). Still love ya...change your own life, girl. Don't attach to my shitstorm..

Jacquilyn is by far the closest and the one I trust the least..she's been over several evenings and we love each other's company and conversation...she dropped in early Saturday morning (I answered the door sans vetements and crawled back into bed)...we went to breakfast, did some errands together and generally had a great morning...I changed oil in her Montero, as well as trans fluid and coolant, filled it up and vacuumed it out. She left around 3pm..I worked in the office, caught the UT vs Colorado and USC vs UCLA games and then to the gym..caught the FSU vs VaTech game and hit the rack around 1130. She calls me at 2am..her Montero is acting up (I didn't think I put enough trans fluid back in...I was right) so she meets me at the shop. I run her to WallyMart for transmission fluid and get her a Christmas tree as well. I top off the fluid and give her a hug...and I know what she wants to do. She wants to go back to my house. To make love. NO. You want to be a good girl, I'll help you by not participating in what causes you remorse. We hug. She leaves.

She calls Sunday afternoon, thanking me. Whatever.

I pick up Son2 and we do a homework project, then switch to tearing apart his Camaro's front suspension. He is learning and I love to see his mind figure things out. Good kid. We get cleaned up and get a steak before getting him back to the FormerMrs.

Jacquilyn calls, she wants to come over. Okay.

So I'm watching 'Mr & Mrs Smith' on DVD and the phone rings...Melanie. She's crying. We talk. Her Jason is leaving her and she's bent. Door knocks. Jacquilyn. She comes in, I tell her who's on the phone...

Jacquilyn takes off her clothes in the hallway and goes into my bedroom. I'm not going to cut short a conversation with a friend, crying over a breakup. Jacquilyn gives me five minutes and comes back out, dressed and pissed. Stomps out.


I tell Melanie that I've got to go to Waco tomorrow evening...she wants me to come to Dallas. We'll see.

Dangerous, you women. Dangerous.

I call J after she leaves...no answer. She calls an hour later, still pissed. Take it as a sign, girl, take it as a sign. Some things are not meant to happen.

...and I wasn't happy with the movie, either...

Theflinkychick 105F

12/5/2005 11:23 am

Geebers, Jim, your life still makes me dizzy...

Not all who wander are lost.

jim5131 55M
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12/5/2005 8:02 pm

Hi Flinky....my life makes ME dizzy....now it's 10pm on a Monday night and I'm still in the office with my face stuck in a monitor...

...Melanie calls & wants me there..

..J calls and wants me there...

..Kena just called and wants to come here...

..Had a 2 hr call from Kay earlier today, she's not happy with the hubster...

Geebers...my life makes me want to run away.

....we still own land in Alaska...hmmmmmmmm

kyplowboy22 61M

12/6/2005 12:43 am

kpb *grinnin' like a possum*, adjusts brown and round campaign hat and pistol belt before stepping in front of bleachers.

"Stand at, EASE."

"Good morning, Men!"

"Good Morning, Drill Sergeant!"

"Be seated."

"Today you will recieve a block of instruction in estrogen infested river crossings. You will be given an explaination, a demonstration and perform a practical application of this task. As a result of this training you will be able to negotiate these obstacles, move on to the objective and successfully complete your mission. Are there any questions as to the purpose, scope and goals of this training?"

"No, Drill Sergeant!"

"Good! Now then, do any of dumbasses know what estrogen is? You! The one with the funny lookin' head! Speak to me!"

"Ain't that what they blow them baloons up with, Drill Sergeant?"

"That's helium, you shitbird! Sit down! Estrogen, men, is one of, if not the deadliest, of all chemical agents known to mankind. Whole countries and empires throughout the civilized world have been brought to their knees or destroyed by its application. One of the deadliest aspects of this weapon is that it can be wrought on the masses with no more than a single application by a single carrier. It is both a blister agent and a nerve agent; in short, men, it can burn your ass and drive you insane at the same time! The effects of estrogen poisoning are slow and excrutiating, men, and all of the symptoms may not occur for decades. There is no known antidote once poisoning has occured, however immediate removal from the contaminated area has been known to significantly reduce the severity and duration of said symptoms. Those unfortunate enough to be left behind, will invariably find themselves party to the mother of all ClusterFucks. Symptom recognition and field first aid measures will be provided to you in another block of instruction. Now, do I have any questions about the importance of this training?"

"No, Drill Sergeant!".........

rm_sexypinay16 44F
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12/6/2005 12:59 am

Jim dont be dizzy ...lol. Im reading your blogs , I feel the same way too I felt dizzy figuring out who do really like. LOL. Are you planning to put up a football team womens division? lol. Well, sometimes life can be so screwed up and feelings can be so complicated. I just hope that one day great strong LOVE can come your way. A love that can move mountains, and help you conquer your fears. A love that will make you conquer evrything just to be with her. Goodluck...Miss you.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

jim5131 55M
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12/17/2005 7:53 am

Hey KPB...brought back a memory or two..thanxx.

Hi Pinay. I'm not sure why this all happens at once. I've had a good year, financially, but the time at work is really taking its toll on the personal side. This was a year that I thought I'd regrouped and concentrated on the boys and the business, not having a woman in the way...they have found me wherever I was hiding...

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