"...for the blogs, they are a changin'"  

jim5131 55M
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9/18/2005 1:23 pm

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"...for the blogs, they are a changin'"

song in background: Bob Schneider's 'All the Gold in the Sunset'

I've been almost too busy for the past few weeks to do much more than make comments on other's sites...("..Hi class, my name is Jim..and I'm a john for the comment whores"...."HI JIM" )

Work is busy...I had expanded the business years ago and lost a bunch on quality control and cut back...scary thing to lose and have so many people riding on your shoulders. I've been doing comfortably as 'un singolo unomo' but the real desire is to leave a good business for the boys to slide into, should they want to.

I got a call from an old customer that needs me again...oh, yes (..pauses to mumble silent prayer..) and I think they're going to use me again. I know there's no such thing as easy money, I have to really work my tail off to make the 'good' money, but a good customer like this sure makes it easier...back to six figures..

I've been in touch directly with a few members on the phone and I like the calls..please keep it up. Adds an 'exterior' the the 'interior' that I already know about...

Things are slowing socially: boys are firmly ensconced in their school and sports. I haven't been doing much more than an occasional dinner with the ladies. I (finally) joined a 24hr health gym to get a little more in shape (rubs tricep..oww).


I sensed a change in the AdultFriendFinder bloggers in the past few weeks: maybe it was the interaction between 5speed/DT/Barb/Travelling that did something and I'm considering the dynamic that caused a ripple thru Blogville.

Consider this: We all checked out AdultFriendFinder under the pretense of getting PornLiteOnASaturdayNight and discovered this city with no boundaries called Blogville...meeting subsequent friends.. learning about the lives of others.. laughing and hugging (virtually, usually)..talking about ANYTHING with others commenting on your thoughts.

The sex was really something we weren't expecting from each other, at least not from the group. If a misunderstanding happened (and I'm not actually sure what it was..it isn't my business anyway..)there were some sore feeling from it afterward. I don't think there was ANY sex, just the hint of it...and suddenly there was discomfort between us. Therein lies my point and how it relates to the upcoming Chicago convention.

AS MUCH AS I WOULD LOVE TO GO...some of you I'd love to see. (One I'd like to see carried out with a mild concussion..but he might've redeemed himself lately) I have minor reservations about the trip. The cost is immaterial..it could likely be done for less than a grand, maybe half that.. here's where the rubber meets the road:

We all have some sort of expectations of who we are. We all know each other's quirks, issues, tendancies, loves and hates, minor (and major) crushes, histories; good and bad..etc...is there a fear that a shot of reality is going to screw things up? You might have a good repoire with a blogger, only to find him/her a complete ass at the convention, or worse, completely ignored.

You might find someone 'outside' the regular circle and click instantly, only to find out someone else's night was ruined because they 'really wanted to get to know you'. I have no intention of hurting any feelings, but there are some delicate hearts out there. I will probably go....and share a room with someone who can't afford a place to stay, but with no strings attached...

I need to tell a quick story: My FirstLove was a lovely blonde named Kay..she was three months pregnant when we met, the summer before my senior year in high school. The father of the baby was a party guy..I was a baseball/football jock, she was a flag girl, he did almost nothing. I (thought I ) was in love with this girl, went out, shared everything, laughed and cried..all the right things..really fell for her. Loved the baby as my own. I also went thru the senior year as his adversary..fights at dances, shoves in the hall, defending her honor, etc. Graduation night I find her in the back of her car with him...learned an important lesson about love that night and haven't repeated it.

I thought about this girl EVERY DAY for a little less than ten years. In `88, at some point in Marine Boot Camp, I realiized that I had gone several days without even so much as a thought about her. I have kept tabs on her thru the years but never contacted her until recently. I got her email address and sent her a note. Nice reply. Photos back and forth. Nice. The fifth email was the dumper. I remembered how indifferent she could be to those around her.

Funny how some memories should be kept pure and unadulterated from silly little things like facts and reality.

Probably the best way to go to the convention is strictly to meet and greet, talk amongst ourselves, and NOT have any expectations of others or LookToHook. We've come a long way from PornLiteOnASaturdayNight, huh?

What do you think?

rm_Network_Minx 47F
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9/20/2005 3:04 pm

I won't be going to the convention. I have to work. Not only that I prefer to meet people one on one not in a big crowd.

jim5131 55M
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9/21/2005 7:46 am

....so we need to meet for a Rangers game or something

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