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You look deep into her sparkling green eyes as you lift your blouse & guide her small trembling fingers to your breast, your whispers of reassurance ending in a gasp as she takes your helping hand in her other hand, bashfully sliding it down over the curve of her belly until she holds it between her slender thighs. Her panties are moist & hot against your hand as you begin to tenderly stroke & squeeze the swollen peach of her vulva - now both her hands are exploring your rigid nipples while she sighs and moans, hiding her face in your shoulder, then reaching down to fondle your rump as her hips thrust forward rhythmically in a dance of erotic desire to reciprocate the delectable action of your fingers on her hard thick clit.

Your own tremolo moans rise when her small cool soft hand slips into the seat of your panties & she cleaves your snug shaved mound with two fingers, making you arch your ripe young arse up to savour the invasion of her loving touch as it advances deeper & deeper into your throbbing pink yoni, & inciting you to turn & push her down onto your bed, grasping her panties & yanking them down over her silky legs & off - you groan as your fingers find her downy nakedness & you can barely get your finger past the musky petals of her innocent pussy & up into her eager hole, while you turn & squat lasciviously over her angelic face, breathless as you feel the sweet loving dance of her lips & tongue against your tender little sex ... seconds become eternities as she starts to penetrate you with her naive tongue, & you hear the muffled sobs & squeals of her orgasm as they resonate against your Venus, the nubile girl's golden pubes flecked with foam while you feel her creamy teen cunt start to flutter like a little bird in panic, her legs flexing & shuddering with depraved abandon - & you bring your fingers to your lips, savouring the flavour & bouquet of her pubescent ardour while your own glorious explosion of erotica finally begins, her pretty face thrusting against you ever more wantonly when she hears the penultimate aria of your magical rite.

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