My Fantasy on a tropical island with a woman continued....  

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4/23/2005 1:03 pm

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My Fantasy on a tropical island with a woman continued....

My next fantasy is, a woman and myself would go out to the ocean and snorkel. If you have never seen the underwater life, (coral reefs tropical fish) you have been missing allot. We would go into the ocean, nude, we would snorkel as we explore the underwater life. After a while exploring, we would rest in shallow waters.

As she is laying there I would come to her and start kissing her on your lips and work my way down. I will begin to kiss her breast and nibble on her nipples. I would begin to work my way down to her lower stomach area. I would proceed to kiss her inner thighs before I would begin to lick her virgina. I would continue to lick as she moans and the waves brushes against us. I would then turn her over and start kissing on her neck and work my way down. I would continue to kiss her down to her lower back before I kiss her buttocks. I would continue to kiss various places on her buttocks before I spread them apart. I would begin to kiss and lick her between her buttocks before I lick her butt hole. I would again turn her over and continue to lick her virgina and begin intercourse with my tongue.
We would then trade positions, she would kiss me on the lips, work her way down to my neck before she nibbles on my nipples. Next she would kiss her way down before she kisses me in my private area. She would begin oral sex as the waves crashes against us.
Next I would put a condom and begin sexual intercourse with her. I would start very slowly before I pick up the pace.
We would then completely wash each other off before we go back on shore.

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