Ladies-My Fantasy in the Jacuzzi with you  

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4/25/2005 5:18 am

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Ladies-My Fantasy in the Jacuzzi with you

Another fantasy is having sex with a woman in the Jacuzzi.

We would walk to the Jacuzzi, remove all clothing. We would sit in the Jacuzzi has the bubbles massages us. We would sit in the Jacuzzi for a period of time before we start to fool around I would position her in various position so the jets can send pulsating water to various parts of her body. Then I would position her so the jets massages her butt hole. After a while, I would turn her over with me supporting her from her upper body, I would have her feet sitting on the ledge of the Jacuzzi. I would have her legs spread wide so the water massages her pussy. Not to close to the jets, I do not want to hurt her. AS I am holding her, I would play with her breast as the jets pound her pussy.

Next I would sit her on the ledge, I would begin kissing her from her lips down to her breast. I would begin nibbling each nipple and sucking them until she screams. I would then work my way down, kissing her down to her lower stomach. I would begin to spread her legs and begin licking her inner thighs. I would kiss her around her pubic hair, unless she shaves and tease her for a period of time. I would begin to massage her clit as she moans for more. I would begin licking and sucking her clit until she can not take it any more. I would begin to lick her pussy lips as the juices flow inside her. I would continue to lick her pussy. I would begin to slide my tongue deep inside of her as I tongue fuck her. I would slowly slide my tongue in and out and picking up the pace. I would continue to lick, tongue fuck her pussy until she cum's. I would tast her juices. I would then trade places with her. She would begin kissing me on my neck, work her way to my nipples, sucking and licking them. She would kiss her way down to my stomach. She would then kiss me and work her way down. She would spread my legs and lick my inner things.. She would begin to suck and lick my balls and work her way up my shaft. She would begin sucking and sticking me deep into her throat. Work her way up and down my shaft.

Next with me sitting in the Jacuzzi, I would get her on top and start inserting my penis into her pussy. Slowly and working our way. We would get out of the Jacuzzi and continue to have sexual intercourse in various positions until she can not take it anymore.

We would get back in the Jacuzzi and cuddle up for a while.

As I watch, she would get out of the jacuzzi to pee.

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