Politically Incorrect and Proud  

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12/13/2005 10:30 pm

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Politically Incorrect and Proud

After having spent the last 6 years of my life in the military, I have to come straight out and say something: PC SUCKS. Having said that, I bet you are sitting there going "OH MY GOD! He's complaining about Political Correctness! Next thing you know, he'll say we dont need Affirmative Action! I bet he eats babies!" Well, ladies and gentlemen, you would be right on two of the three accounts (I have heard babies taste like chicken though...). When you have to change a job title (be it gender specific like Policeman/Policewoman or gender neutral like Airman) to a neutered version (Policeperson or Airperson?) you defeat the whole purpose.

And the whole hyphenated ethnicity! C'mon! You are not Black. Nor are you African-American. You are American (of African Descent). You are not a slave, and I am not a slave owner. Now that we have that understood, maybe we can start working on issues where we are at an equal footing instead of one of us trying to get the "up" on the other. The same can be said for every other ethnic group that insists upon a hyphen. All a hyphen is is a seperator. Isnt that what caused all the problems in the first place? Isnt seperation what brought about the great Civil Rights Reformations of the 60s? And now you desicrate the work of those great men and women by insisting on your own seperation? Now, I am a firm believer in having a cultural identity (I have one myself. I am an American of Texan descent. Its crazy I know, but that is how I think of myself. We have our own culture and identity... so doesnt that make us an ethnic group also?), but please lets work towards finding out what we have in common instead of fighting to keep our diffrences.

As a nation, we have become pussified by PC. We have become afraid of offending someone casually to the point where we literally waste oxygen to dance around a word that 10 minutes ago was perfectly ok to say!

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