Being old fashioned  

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12/10/2005 12:57 am

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Being old fashioned

I was just reading another person's blog on here. "L" ( for those of you who know... you'll recognize) is having a concern about having a (basically) sequel to a one-night-stand she had a while back. Now, while I am not opposed to one-night-stands or f*ck buddies (or F*ck bunnies for that matter), I have found in my experience that they should come with a warning label. "Do not use if you are regaining your emotional feet. Not recommended for multiple uses unless otherwise directed and only by following strict guidlines. Immediately discontinue if a rash develops".
Now, please keep in mind that I am looking for someone to help me get the last little bits of my ex out of my system. It might seem a little hypocrital for me to say such things, but I am on a diffrent wavelenght (but similar situation) as "L". I am trying to overcome my past and trying to get my feet under me. Where I differ is that I am at a state where I feel that honestly (and this is going to sound bad) all I am going to do is use the girl for mutual pleasure and leave it at that if it is only a one time thing. If it is going to be more, I think I want to take my time and not jump straight into the sex.

I guess it would be two completely diffrent kinds of sex for me. For a one time thing, there really isnt much of a concern for the other person as much as it is a race to get your cookie. At some point everyone wants to just "Take" the pleasure from another person. For a relationship, its more of an exploration. For me, if I am in a relationship, its about her pleasure. I know she is going to take care of mine. (One, I am a guy and easy to please. Two, if she is as into the relationship as I am, my pleasure will be as important to her as hers is to me) That, and there is more detail given. I fully believe that a couple needs to talk EXTENSIVELY about sex before they actually get into the bed and start grunting and moaning. You need to know what turns your partner on. You need to know those little things that get them over the edge (so you can withold or grant as the need be). If I wanted cheap pleasure... well I have an internet connection and I can type one handed. Lets be honest, shall we? I can get myself off faster than just about anyone else can.

I guess the thing is that I am concerned about "L". I see too many possible mistakes she could make. I dont want her to walk down the road I have been on. Its not a good place to be. You do learn things about yourself, things you didnt want to know about yourself.

This may be in horrid taste, to post about another person on here. Especially since we are nothing more than just simple messages on a board to one another. I am a (as my friends tell me) a caring person by nature. I don't like to see people hurt. I worry about people. Even people that I dont know.

There is a reason why I carry the handle Jester. Its been with me for about 9 years now. I tend to make fun of things that would otherwise make me incredibly uncomfortable and make me feel weak. I find strength in humor. The only way I was able to make it through the relationship that almost destroyed me was by laughing. That, and I can be pretty damn funny on a daily basis. (if you cant guess from my occasional asides)

"L" if you read this and it offended you, I am sorry. I guess I needed to get my own inner conflict out.

To anyone else who reads this... if you want to know about my darker times (when laughter saved the Dave), lemme know. I will tell you all about it. I dont have any reason to keep secrets. Its a freakin internet site. You are all safe.

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