What About...........???  

jessie2107 47F
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8/22/2005 12:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What About...........???

So, here I am. Pondering, once again, the elusive dream of love. I lay in bed in his arms. I feel his breath in my hair. I smell his body surrounding me. I feel the heat touch my skin. I hear his breathing, soft and slow. I am comforted by all of this and wish it could go on forever. But can it? When he wakes in the morning, can we hold it all together? Can the securities be the same as when I lay in his arms at night? Or will the morning bring the changes that are so sad to see? To feel the alienation that comes with the sun? To lose the closeness that two bodies feel in the silence of the darkness. Will I lose in my memory the words that were whispered to me in that time of peacefulness? Why is it that the doubts come with the morning? Does he REALLY love me? Does he REALLY want me? Am I really worth it? Does he really desire me? Is he happy? Should I sit and cry or move on? Was I destined to be alone forever? Will he get past all the crap from his previous life? Will he continue to abuse me in our love because of HER?
The price of my tears has been raised. Is he willing to pay the price? Or wait out the drop? When will he be *real* with me, and let me be who I am without critisim and allow me the chance to see him too? Is he the man I believed him to be? If he is, then he needs to show it soon because if he doesn't he will be lost to me, and himself, forever. At what cost are we willing to risk this? And my final question......... what about the kids????

rm_nutsahoy 41M
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8/27/2005 4:33 am

A person as sweet as you is and never will be 'destined to be alone'.

How long have you been unhappy like this? How long do you want to continue to be unhappy? Yeah, you love him however, I've recently learnt that "sometimes love just ain't enough" If he cannot change and you have tried and tried, then why continue? How much of yourself, your sanity, your comfort do you want to give up for a man you are not 100% sure about? TALK to him. His fu**ed up pride will give if he cares enough. If not, then he is not right for an emotional woman like you. (Sorry to say.) Do you know what about the past relationship that hurts him so much? Ask him if you are the same person, ask him if you have behaved just like her, then ask him why do you have to suffer because of her...

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