Question of the day for August 26, 2005.....  

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8/26/2005 3:43 pm

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Question of the day for August 26, 2005.....

As most people know, I frequent the clean room. I am pretty much a permanent fixture. Everyday i ask a single question in hopes to get responses that allow men and women to see the other's point of view or feelings. The question today was so controversial that I thought I would add it here and see how others that don't go to the room feel about it. Should you decide to answer this question, please do so openly and honestly. You are never wrong in your opinion and everyone should respect your views. So... here goes.....

Do you beilieve that if you decide to meet a *friend* from the internet that you should invite your partner to accomapny you the first time? Especially if that *friend* is of the opposite sex? If not, do you feel you should at least inform your partner of this meeting? And if your partner did this to you and kept it a secret until afterwards, would you think there was something to hide?

I am looking forward to your resposes...and please...don't feel obligated to keep them short. I just like to understand.

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