Physical or head sex  

jersimpet 55M
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4/2/2006 4:23 pm
Physical or head sex

I think I must have been in a hurry with the last entry and didn't express my self as I should have. The main point was that men must be lousy lovers if women have had to make do with artificial dicks.

Today, my last entry for a little while as I head off on the work raod for a week or so is about love. I have just finished reading a book (Mr Golightly's Holiday by Sally Vickers in case someone is interested) and love was a major part of it. It led me to wonder what we are looking for on AdultFriendFinder.

In my experience sex with the head and heart engaged is better than sex for the physical thrill. The physical thrill is great but better if there is a connection with ones partners. Is this true? I was asked yesterday what makes a person sexy; I realised I start with the eyes. If you can look into a persons eyes you can see whether they like or might like you.

If this is so then on AdultFriendFinder why do we spend so much time covering our faces; lots of dicks and pussies but not as many faces. What does this say?

I do not know the answer but the speculation is interesting.

What do you find sexy? Does the brain and heart need to be engaged for the greatest sex?


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