macy's at 34th street manhattan  

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12/30/2005 9:36 am

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macy's at 34th street manhattan

was shopping with my honey, looking for coats for her. Was as always feeling Horny,started rubbing my honeys round ASS, to which like always she starts to get wet, started to feel her small Tits, in between trying on coats, she was so turned on that she was giving me a hand job, while I, was standing by the coat rack, we know that some of the sale's people could see us & this is what made this even more exciting for us,we left the coat section & went to the dress area, for her to try on some skirts, that was real fun in the dressing room, where I, ate her pussy, more to come thank you Jerrylee partner.

rm_ericahao 43F
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1/2/2006 12:36 am

hmmm...sounds yummy...we should arrange to have your next shopping trip planned out and run into you in the same dressingroom area,...

rm_twoforfun49 56M/59F
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2/3/2006 12:40 am

we have done the dressing room play area also. it is one of our favorite games to play in public. ihave gone in and called to my hubby like i was in some kind of distress. some times i would not respond on purpose so the attendent would go to her cry for assistence. cindy would, more times than not, be faking but still acting as if she may feel faint. she would have her garmants so they weren't on well enough for her to venture out into the store. so the attendent would have to deal with getting her desent enough to get her out in the air. the whole time she is not making it easy for the store worker. when the time is right or sometimes i would go in after cindy has the situation going in her direction. befoe you know it more often then not, cindy will have the other girls tits or pussy exposed, but in an honest kind of way. once cindy starts to use her tounge, lips, fingers and even toys, she may have in her bag, on this girl. it isn't long befor i'm kind of just sitting back enjoying another hot show that was theree just waiting to be played. we have had return sessions with 4 different clothing store workers that told us later that they often fantasiesed of someone doing to them what we just did. it could have all been happening just by nature playing it that way. it's not that someone could say we purposly seduced any of these ladies. even if we did. mmmmmmmmmmm we luv it.
cindy lisa fred

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