A night to remember  

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10/12/2005 1:48 am

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A night to remember

It was a long night alright. As soon as Marc toweled himself dry, he quickly hopped into bed and passionately kissed Reggi and me with long, hot, wet French kisses. He landed his horny mouth on Reggi first and then mine. When Marc started tongue fucking my mouth, Reggi started going down towards his cock. While Marc and I fucked each other’s mouths, Reggi placed a pillow underneath Marc’s ass to make it easier for Reggi to take his cock into her mouth. Marc let out a heavy groan as Reggi took the head of his cock into her hot hungry mouth. His cock pulsed with pleasure as Reggi’s saliva dripped down the shaft of his cock down to his balls. While Reggi ate Marc’s cock, he whispered in my ear, “Reggi’s mouth feels so fuckin’ good!” “Why don’t you sit on my face, Baby? Turn around and join Reggi suck my cock while we 69 each other.” It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I turned around to face Marc’s cock and Reggi smiled as I joined her suck his cock. Marc grabbed hold of my ass checks and started burying his face into my wet snatch. He licked my clit with the tip of his tongue as he slurped his way towards the opening of my vagina. As soon as he reached my slit, he dug his tongue deep inside my hole and I started to cum uncontrollably. My thighs shook and quivered as my juices gushed out of my pussy and onto Marc’s mouth. I moaned and Reggi noticed it. When she took Marc’s cock out of her mouth and stuck it in mine, she said to Marc, “Hey, I want my pussy eaten too. It’s my turn!” Hearing this, Marc lifted my torso onto one side and lifted Reggi’s over his face and proceeded to eat her pussy. I saw Reggi’s eyes shut slowly as she started moaning with total pleasure. She then opened her eyes and whispered to me, “ You look so beautiful with my boyfriend’s cock in your mouth…” I simply smiled not taking Marc’s cock out of my mouth. I just kept on sucking the head of his cock while sometimes licking the peehole that was dripping with clear precum. Reggi saw the clear liquid seep out of his peehole and she too started licking it with her tongue. Marc’s precum was gushing out faster than we can lick it with our tongues so we decided to take turns sucking his cock. Our saliva and Marc’s precum dripped slowly down to his balls so I decided to lick his balls when it was Reggi’s turn to suck his cock.
Marc moaned and grunted as he tried his best not to cum. “Oh, shit!” he said. “Girls, I really need to fuck now.” Reggi and I looked at each other wickedly and both said, at the same time: “Which one of us?” Since I had the chance to fuck Marc earlier that evening, it was only fair that Reggi took the offer. Reggi took Marc’s cock away from me, took his cock into her mouth, and deepthroated it as far as it can go into her throat. She gagged a little bit and finally withdrew. She then dropped a big wad of saliva on the head of his cock lubricating it. She got up, turned around to face Marc, and lowered her dripping snatch onto Marc’s throbbing hard cock. Marc started to breath heavier and faster and I noticed more precum seep out of his peehole than normal. Right before Marc’s cock split open Reggi’s pussy lips, Reggi said, “I’ve been waiting for this all day long!” She let out an “Aahhh” as Marc’s cock slid all the way inside Reggi’s hot, wet, tight pussy. I French kissed Marc as Reggi rode him slowly but deeply. I could hear the wet sliding sounds of Marc’s cock going in and out of Reggi’s tiny hole. It made me so horny that I had to lick the junction of where Marc’s cock ended and Reggi’s pussy began. While I licked their intertwined sex, I noticed some white fluid seep out of Reggi’s pussy and drip down the shaft of Marc’s cock. It was a nasty sight! There was so much precum! I licked some of it off and then French kissed Reggi. Reggi then French kissed Marc. I loved the taste of their precum mixed with our own saliva. Our genitals weren’t the only things were wet but so were our mouths, chins, and necks from dripping precum. Reggi then got on the balls of her feet and started pounding Marc’s cock faster and harder. Marc started to grunt louder and when he felt like he was almost about to cum, he pulled out of Reggi’s pussy and pulled the foreskin over the head of his cock to keep from cumming right away. The second time he pulled out of Reggi’s pussy, he held his cock to keep from cumming and told me to sit on it. I quickly sat on Marc’s cock and started to ride him slowly. Reggi sat on Marc’s face as she faced me and we started frenching. This was our favorite position. We called it the Triangle of Pleasure. I sat on Marc’s cock, while Reggi sat on Marc’s face, and Reggi and I French kissed. It was the horniest thing I’ve ever done before my first threesome with Marc and his friend Adam.
Finally, Marc was about to cum again. But this time, he wanted to cum in Reggi. I already enjoyed his cum earlier. But Reggi said that Marc can’t cum in her pussy. She said she wasn’t keeping track of her pills and there was a chance she was fertile. Without explaining what he was about to do, Marc took some KY and stuck a wad of it in Reggi’s ass. We knew exactly what he was going to do next. He told Reggi to get on all fours and to stick her ass into the air as much as possible. I placed a couple of pillows underneath her chest while Marc started to enter her ass from behind. “Oh shit!” Marc said as he slid his cock slowly all the way in her ass. Reggi was one of those girls who really loves anal sex and as Marc fucked her ass vigorously, she started to moan loudly and her back and face started to sweat profusely. As Marc fucked her, he frenched me and stuck his tongue in my mouth the same way he stuck his cock in Reggi’s ass. He started to sweat profusely as well and his sweat dripped down Reggi’s back and ass cheeks.
Then at last, Marc came. And he came really hard. He didn’t pull out of Reggi’s ass. He creamed her ass with hot frothy white semen. “Oh my God!” Marc shouted. As soon as he emptied his balls in Reggi’s ass, he collapsed on the bed. “Are you ok?” I asked him. He didn’t move for a long time and Reggi too was all spent. I was the only one who was conscious.
I sighed with relief after I saw Marc move his arm towards me. He pulled me right beside me on his right and he pulled Reggi right beside him on his left. I pulled the sheets over us and we all slept soundly. What a night to remember…

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10/14/2005 1:42 am

What a lucky couple and a satisfied you Now that you have me hard as a rock...what are you going to do

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