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5/29/2006 7:17 am

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what you do, what I do

I met a women who is just kick ass (on here,BTW)Well, I haven't 'met' her, but we do talk on the phone and exchange emails on a daily bases. Problem is she's my ex's ex lover fro way long time ago. We don't discuss him, but we do talk a lot about her past, our ideas, and ect. I could see myself really liking her- mean 'really' likeing her. I've been warned not to tread on those tracks by many people, including my ex, but she is just really good honest person and I feel so open to her. Should thoses issues come between a possible great friendship? She's what I've been looking for in many ways (hints why I haven't been on here as frequently as I use to)I actually find myself likeing her better than I like my ex most of the time (including when we were going out). I don't think I have a crush, but I'm not sure- and I'm not sure where I want this to lead- WHATS WRONG WITH ME?

Samtaker 67M

5/29/2006 8:08 am

Truly you shouldn't be thinking of her so much, but then you may be looking at tying to still get back at your X's. Your reaching out to her, as she must know of every weak spot you have, yes you feel she is being honest with you but then to she could be just playing with your head. There are people who are very good at that, and never even think of how much wrong they are doing to others. An maybe your X is tying to tell you because he may know her a little better then you do. If she's telling you of her past, I would almost bet she konws alot of yours as well. She is just not leting onto to you that she does. Do you have a crush , no I think your find her exciting because she to was with your X and you still haven't gotten over him. Truly if I were you which I am not. I would again move on finding someone who you only know from here but then don't know at all. Talk things out and then see where they lead you. It kind of like this, I had someone I got a little to close to and then she just walked out on me, now I am having a real hard time for getting her, as i want her so very much to come back to me. An my problem is mine isn't a crush but I feel I love her. She can't see me for all the other guys she knows. Now I can't sleep, everytime I see a SUV like her's I am looking to see if its her. Everytime I see a picture that even comes close to being her I fall a part. But when I do see her its like how do I tell her my feeling as she neve wants to hear how I feel. Someone told me to find someone new so here I am looking but not finding just what I like to have. Yes I know it seem i am talking of myself, but then if you read this maybe you will find in yourself that your having the same problem at reaching out to find someone in the same boat as you are. We all have our problems and have to work them out ourselfs. Keep up with your writting's I for one read each and everyone of them.

jenniferfreak 35F

5/29/2006 10:10 am

Well, he says shes a really nice honest person,too. Infact, he doesn't want us to be friends, but understands why- we're a lot alike- I think the woman and I just click .If she's playing games then thats something I'll have to learn. If he says shes honest and kind- boy this situation is odd

out_for_a_ride 35M

5/29/2006 10:36 pm

The real questions are; do you put others feelings ahead of your own? and do you value the situation with your ex, over the developing situation with this girl? the answer to the first should be yes, but it sounds like you don't always necessarily act on it. and you should. this isn't to say be selfish, this is however to say, that even being considerate of others involved, this is still your life and you shouldn't be miserable at the expense of others. this is not a path to follow (dating an exs ex) as it is just as hurtful to date a friends ex. however, he's an ex of both of you for a reason, that might be the card that trumps how he should feel about it. he had just as much a part in both break ups so he can't blame anybody but himself for helping to contribute to this...try and identify the positive feelings that drive your thoughts on this situation, and where ever those positive feelings take you in your thoughts, is where you should place your action!!!!

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