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5/17/2006 9:56 am

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So, a bit a scuffle in the group-no big deal. Egos get slapped, emotions get rolled, but everyone turns off their computers the end of the day-well, unless your downloading illegal need bandwidth for that. What I find funny is when people will say one thing on the threads, then turn around and email me something totally different. Ideas, they change, as do people. No biggy. maybe I'll use this time to clear the fog on what's me:
What am I looking for?
blunt. I have no fucking clue-feeling it as I go, and hoping something good will come out of it.

Why post so much, and vary 'off the chain' questions?
Ok. I've said it before, and I'll reiterated: I type like I speak/think. In person I would come up with the subjects just as easily. Typically people like that about me. I've vary spontaneous, open minded, and so far out into left Field that the majority has trouble keeping up- that's fine that people don't 'get it'... to them I need meds.
WHy AdultFriendFinder?
Well, most people on this website tend to be open minded and more receptive to options and ideas from a side show freak as myself. There are words, expressions, and thoughts that can be connived on this site that you can't on others. A part of getting to know people and your surroundings is educating yourself about the situations through communication. I love to communicate- I feel it's the most important thing a person can do to thrive in a changing world. Plus, I really like women and no better place to pick up sex single women then on AdultFriendFinder.*wink, you know your out there*
Why the pic?
Let's see. Been stalked a few times, I know my ex boss and few others are on here- I don't want them to tell me how and why they want t odo me- it scared me the first time, and still does. eww.
I'm also aware that not pics get you little to no action...posts of genitals would be a little out of my realm, and well, I find it more vulgar than artistic. I'm infatuated with the human body...way it moves, reacts, and the settle differences between the sex's. -there I go again-off in my own world.
A conversation with me is like watching two clown cars about to collide- it's just funny.
people have trouble figuring me out because I'm not stable in the way I write and interact with people- I really go with my mood which, like most women, can take me from 0-60 in five point two seconds. Hormones- what can I say?
I tend to talk about exactly what I'm thinking-weather it's about my ex, sex, or G W, I like change and disrupting the flow of things just to add zest-something to kick things in new, possibly more exciting directions.
Any questions?

moos106.7 44M  
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5/17/2006 10:16 am

No questions...think you pretty well covered it. ?*

jenniferfreak 35F

5/17/2006 1:42 pm

lol, I was chatting with you and missed a few that reads funny

Samtaker 67M

5/17/2006 4:41 pm

Do you realize that its when you go off in your own little world thats when you do some of your best writting. Someday I hope I get to chat with you as it mite turn out we have a few things we can talk about. You covered alot of things in your writtings on here and yes you sure seem to tell it like it is. An to let you know I for one seem to like reading everything you write, but isn't that what makes the world go round.

out_for_a_ride 35M

5/18/2006 12:14 am

more so than changing their minds and views, people are just inconsistent. for those of us in left field, at least we're consistently there!!!! we may sound crazy, but we make the most sense.

jenniferfreak 35F

5/18/2006 1:27 pm

We're like cinn. toast crunch, people just don't get it. lol

rm_MrSmith7171 45M

5/20/2006 8:57 pm

You are not a side show freak....maybe not completley normal..but normal is boring.

I don't agree with everything you write, but I enjoy reading your posts.

Wheather in Belleville has sucked was nice though.... hopefully it stays warm so I can take my kids to the drive-in. are right I need to get a pic uploaded...

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