Going crazy!  

jenniferfreak 35F
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5/15/2006 10:55 pm

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5/16/2006 5:45 pm

Going crazy!

Maybe I need a hobby, but I'm going crazy. My ex told me about one girl he slept with a few months ago...amitted to sleeping with her serveral times and even told me where he meet her, showed me a picture, and still chats with her every now and then. He said he hadn't been with anyone else, then I found a note writen to him from this girl who discribed the whole sexual incounter. Now, got made because he flat out lied to me about sleeping with someone else. What really gets me is he will not talk abotu her what's so ever. All I know is her name and he says," She's a manipulator and I don't want to talk about it." Why's that? I found (same night) another letter she wrote him where he answered back," If I spent more time with you I could learn to love you..." What gives? Why tell me about one gal and not the other? Now I'm going nuts wondering what happened with her. I know he refured to her as a stalker, but he thinks any girl who's agressive is. In the note she was quite amused by him and said she would wait for him ...so why do I care? Why do I want to know her side? Why do I think he miss lead her than shit on her in the end. Maybe I want someone else to talk to that's in the same whole...or maybe I want to tell my side- knowing at the time- that I was a bitch anda crazy ex. Is this normal? If I do 'run' into her, do I really want to open that can of worms? If your live-in ex did what I'm thinking of doing, woould you be pissed? I just want to know what I've been exposed to, as well. Is she a tramp, or was she just a girl being used? I hope he woudn't do that, but he called her inmature and doesn't want to discuss anything about her. What gets me is the line that stated," I've been waiting for this for a whole year..." We were together then...so it makes me wonder. Maybe she knows about the affairs, maybe she can shed light to my past and help me to finally close that door. I'm nuts,arn't I?

out_for_a_ride 35M

5/16/2006 3:47 am

you're not nuts, just dazed and confused by all that's unfolded for you. but you're obviously not surprised by what's happened, so why are you surprised that you're eternal vision is clouded? all the craziness is a part of your enviroment and if you want a better chance at sorting through the confusion and frustration you're going to need a new enviroment. new places and people to surround yourself with. you deserve better than what you're giving yourself, you are more than you believe!...here is some inside information on reading people (not only others but yourself)...everything you and other people see in the world is a mirrored reflection of ones self. so everything he sees is the same for him. his anger and negativity towards you and these other women is only a reflection of his true self. anytime something happens in or around our enviroment we react however our true personality sees fit. his negative and destructive energy is who he is at this point and you're accepting it in your enviroment which is why it's deteriorating. i'm not saying you should feel one way or the other about him or the situation, other than it should be painfully obvious it's not what you need. you're not nuts, but the longer you stick around the more destructive it's going to get for the both of you. as for these other women, let it go, don't open the can of worms for the closure you already have but aren't using! our spirit always provides the information we need, when it speaks we need to listen!!!! no thoughts, no doubts. it's tough to face such a dramatic change, but the change has been calling to you has it not? we all have the strength to be great, swallow your fears with a little faith that there is much more than you've allowed yourself to see.


Samtaker 67M

5/16/2006 1:37 pm

Its truly time you walk away from him, walk out of that door and keep your head high and walk on down the road. Its seem your thinking more of him then of yourself. He's hard all these women but left you holding the babys, he still wanting his cake, but just not from you so much. Your giving him the things he wants you to but then going behind your back and getting so much more then your getting. Again its time you close the door on him. There are a lot of honest guys out there who would like to be with someone who wants only so much love. If he still chating with her then he not over her, or has he forgetten her. You need to get out yourself find someone no madder the age and try getting your life back to what you so want it to be. An I am not just talking of a fuck buddy, but someone who shares things you enjoy doing. I keep looking at your picture seeing as how the other one has gone from your profile here. your still a great looking person one who seems to have so much to share. Sure I not lying to you even I would like to meet you, but then you just keep dilling on him and not yourself. Isn't it that your wanting to talk but are held back by him, the kids and not knowing where you are going. Again you can talk to me any night right here . I open to talking if you like. I will say you are a sweet little lady, hope you move on with you own life. NO YOUR NOT NUTS! Your not crazy ! Your hurting because you not open to walking out and moving on with your life ! Think of it there are alot of honest men out there that would give about anything to just spend a evening with you. Come talk sometime. I mite be older but I would even enjoy a little time with you.

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