Repost....I wrote this for a group thought I'd add it here  

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Repost....I wrote this for a group thought I'd add it here

I have never really celebrated my birthday, with the exception of being a child. As I've grown older, I find that the day has become "just another day." That was until my last birthday.

I knew that hubby had something planned, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I had no clue right up until I opened our front door as we returned from dinner.

My jaw must have dropped to my knees when I saw several people in my living room. But the real surprise was that all these people were interlocked in a ring of sex. There was Bob laying on his back with Cheryl sitting on his face, Cheryl was sucking Mike's cock. Mike was getting his fill of Joanne's pussy. Joanne had Jesse's cock in her mouth and another in her hand waiting his turn. It was at the point that I realized that my pussy was dripping. The faces blurred. I had to join. As I start toward the group, hubby grabs my arm, stopping me. He pulls my ass back into his hard cock and whispers,"Not so fast, my dear." he reaches under my skirt, slides my panties aside. His fingers slips easily in the folds of my hot wet cunt. My clit is engorged. The slightest touch send vibrations through my body. My knees go weak and his hand is covered with my juices. "We are going to take a walk around the circle," he whispered. "We're going to see how much you can take."

He then pulls a box from behind his back. "Happy Birthday Baby." As I open the box, hubby proceeds to pull my panties from my hips and slides them to my ankles. I pulled from the box a pair of vibrating panties. He orders me to put them on. I did as he wanted. He takes the remote from me and pushes me toward the circle.

As we approach, he hits the button. I stopped dead in my tracks, he gives a suttle laugh. My knees weaken again. "Do you like what you see?" he asked. "Don't you want to get a taste of that pussy?" I tried to answer but he hit the switch again. Once again causing me to the point of climax. He pushes me down to my knees and instructs Mike to let me taste. Her aroma filled my nose, making me want to taste her even more. Just as I am ready to take my lick, hubby grabs me by the hair and pulls me back just a bit. "You really want to taste her, don't you?" I shake my head. "I can't hear you," he said as he jerked my head back. "Yes," I manage. He releases my hair and I am allowed to dip my tongue deep inside Joanne's pussy. Oh, she tasted so good, but only a lick or two and I was being moved along. At every intersection, he would tease me, twanting me, and making me hotter and wetter. Once we made it around the entire circle and I had licked every pussy and sucked every cock, I was begging hubby to let me join in. My pussy was aching, my mouth was watering and I wanted to be fuck so bad. Hubby told me to pick three other men and meet him in our bedroom

I looked at all the dicks in that room. It was so hard to choose only three. One did catch my attentions alittle more, well alot more, as I went around the circle. I didn't know him, he must've been with Joanne and Mike. But his cock was huge, I said at least 10 inches and it looked so good hard. He had to be one of them. Then, of course, Bob, whose cock isn't as long, maybe 7 inches. But it was nice and fat and would fill my mouth nicely. That's two. Now for number three. Steven, yes, Steven. He knows how to fuck a woman in the ass.

As the four of us enter the bedroom, hubby is sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. He was naked, his cock lay hard on his belly. "Boys you know what to do," he said from the darkness. The dude with the huge cock lays on the end of the bed. Mike urges me toward him. Hubby tells me to climb on his cock and make my ass available to Mike. My mind is spinning, I couldn't believe that my fantasy was coming true. There were some twist but that was only adding to my arousal. I love it when hubby takes control and he was in rare form.

Bob was on his knees on the bed, his cock waiting for my mouth. He loves the way that I suck him. Having that big dick inside me and Bob's cock in my mouth was enough to make me cum, then I felt a warm gel being applied to my asshole. I thought that I was going to explode and he wasn't even pressing, just gently applying the gel. "Take it" hubby demands, "she's ready for it." Mike obeys immediately. The head of his cock presses inside me. "Oh my God," I scream. He rams deeper, my body tense and I scream again. Bob shoves his cock back in my mouth and continues fucking my lips as if he were fucking a pussy. Even though I was moving up and down the big 10 inch cock, he was moaning from the feeling of Mike's cock rubbing his through the meat between my pussy and asshole. My ass opens up to Mike and I begin pushing back to meet him, taking every bit of his cock as I could get. I was to the point to passing out when I opened my eyes. The room has now filled with everyone from the circle. I had an audience. Mike pulls his cock out and shoots his cum up my back. Big dick starts pounding me. With his finger dug into my hips, he pushes me up and slams me back onto his cock. Bob pulls his cock from my mouth and shoots his load all over my face. Then the other dude withdraws and his cum covers my belly. I collapse and roll onto my back. I had been fucked to the max and I was exhausted. Hubby tells everyone to leave.

He joins me on the bed. "Happy Birthday Baby," he whispers. "get some rest."

That was the last thing that I remember. The next morning I woke feeling completely used and horny as hell. I had to wake him and Thank him properly.

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Nice (and extremely hot) post Jenna

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wow what an incredible story

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