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Welcome Home!

You come home from a long day working, and just as you start to turn around to close the front door, I come up from behind you and grip your arms tightly.

Without a word, I grip both of your wrists in my left hand and hold them above your head while my right hand starts to carress your neck and shoulders softly. I slowly work my fingers into your hair, sliding my fingers along your scalp softly until all my fingers are fully inside your hairline.

Then I grip firmly and pull your head back slowly. I place my mouth at the hollow of your neck and start to kiss you there...licking and kissing your throat as much as I can by turning your head with the grip I have on your hair. I move your head exactly where I want it to be to allow me access to your neck.

Then I slowly lick your earlobe...very softly using the tip of my tongue only...and only along the outside edge....from the back of your ear towards the front...where I place my lips right at your ear opening and very VERY softly whisper,

"When I am ready, I am going to lick your clit while you are standing up...and you will cum for me hard when I do"

That is when I start raising your top off of you. Letting go of your hair, I reach under your top and slide it up until your head disappears inside it, then I let go of your wrists - creating the impression that my "hold on you" is over...and as you attempt to slide your arms out of the top to help me, I quickly twirl the material such that it tighens around your face and arms...not enough to cause pause or panic with breathing, but enough to let you know that you are not free to move about

Then I quickly spin you about so you are now facing me. I reach behind you and undo your bra...still holding the material with one hand above your head...and let the bra hang loosely...pulling them up over the top of your nipples for me to see....

Your nipples are very hard at this point (I hope they are in reality at this point as well)...and I allow you to feel my hot breath as I open my mouth and let warm air flow against your nipples...all without touching any skin....just warm air...

And then I ask, "Do you want me to lick your nipples now baby?" And when you say yes, I use a very wet and firm tongue to circle around and around the nipple...your right nipple....leaving it dripping wet...then I suddenly stop...and I blow VERY hard on it to make the nipple very cold....then I place it in my mouth to make it hot again...and repeat that for a few moments...because I know that as your nipples ache, they send a signal to your clit and it is now pusling as well...you can FEEL the blood rushing to your clit at this point,,,and I know it is happening to you as well....

I watch your breathing change...I hear your breathing change...I see your legs starting to move slightly due to trying to cause pressure against your clit...but I stop you by placing my hand between your legs and forcing them apart.....I alone get to decide when to play with your clit....

I release the top now and take it off of you...you seem grateful until you notice that I am slowly lowering myself down onto a knee...looking into your eyes the whole time...when I whisper,

"Are you ready for my tongue yet baby?" And as I say it, I do not wait for any response...I simply start taking your pants off, then slide your panties down....both happening quickly. I then tell you to hold your arms apart against the wall for me...and to spread your legs slightly....

I nestle my nose against your clit as I speak to you....

"is this where you want my tongue?"

"Is it OK if I move myface closer to you now?"

"Can you feel my hot breath yet baby?"

"Remember when my hot mouth went over your cold nipple? Did you enjoy that?"

"I wonder what that would feel like against your clit....tell me you want my tongue on your clit now...tell me you are wet enough for me to start making you cum"

and as you start speaking, I slowly raise your leg...gripping the bottom of your left thigh...and place it on my shoulder, then while looking you in the eye, I slowly move in...leading with my very fat, very wet and warm tongue....searching for that initial touch...that initial taste.....

I stretch my tongue out as far as I can make it go...and start my initial lick at the back end of your opening...so that I can flatten out my tongue to cover both of your pussy lips....and then I press firmly...and with a long, strong, continuous stroke, I slide my tongue firmly thru your slit and allow the entire length of my tongue ride hard along your clit...and as my tongue tip approaches the end of your clit, I slow down...very slowly...and lessen the pressure...until I am barely touching your clit as the extreme tip of my tongue leaves the top of your clit....

Then I do it again......and again....and again......and then I ask,

"Are you ready to cum? I want you to cum for me very soon baby...are you ready?"

And again, without waiting for the answer, I suddenly and quickly take your clit into my mouth and suck on it HARD...rubbing my teeth gently over it as I do....until you start cumming...and as you do start, I simply reach up with my index and middle fingers and push them into your pussy as far as they can go...and stroke along the top of your pussy back and forth, making sure your G-spot gets massaged as I do...so that your G-spot tingles and makes you cum harder and harder while I am buzz-sawing your clit quickly and firmly.....

Then I lower your thigh, stand up and say,

"Welcome home Baby..." and kiss you softly on the lips....

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oh hell yeah, jeff...

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