Fantasy or reality?  

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4/5/2005 1:55 am

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Fantasy or reality?

THe profile asked for a dominate Bi male to live out fantasy with. Knowing that it probably wouldn't work out, I responded. The quick reply surprised me and the even quicker meet went like this...
I ws told on the phone what to expect and knocked on the door softer than my excitement normally would have allowed. "Jon" answered and invited me in. I reached for his hand and rubbed it against my cock to let him know what he was in for this evening. "Mary" was already tied to the bed and from the look of her pussy she wasnt laying there waiting for me.

I quickly stripped and headed for her. I placed my cock at her mouth and told her to lick but ot suck it. It felt great! I started to gently pinch my way down her side until I reached the outside of her thigh and she squirmed a little more with each one. Jon was now naked also and waiting to be told what to do. I couldnt beleive the situation that I was in. Moving from the bed, I instruct Jon to suck my cock as I bite the beautiful nipples of his bound wife. I knew that the time I spent thinking about this would make me cum so I stopped him.

I told him to lick his wifes pussy so that it was good and wet when I fucked her. I kissed her as she moaned. I could feel her getting cloe to cumming and stopped them so that I could fuck her! I did not go slow as I slammed my hard on into her dripping pussy. I knew that this would be fast and I just slammed into her time and time again as her man stroked his cock above us. She came quickly and I was close so I demanded her man to kiss her so that their faces were together. I couldnt and didnt want to stop so I pulled out and shot my laod of cum over both of their faces as they licked and sucked my throbbing dick. I was so turned on watching them clean each others faces of my cum I demanded Jon to move and shove his cock into his wifes face as I manuevered myself to help her. I licked and played with his soft balls as he quickly readied to empty them. When he came Mary and I fought over the warm cum and ensured that we got it all.
Throughout this time neither of them said a word. THis was worked out prior to the meet. It worked out great and I ended up there the whole night with each of us taking our turn being tied up and "Very moderatly" abused. That small amount of biting greatly enhanced that role playing and I look forward to the next time. Thanks Jon and Mary. I will be seeing you soon. Now I have to go masterbate as typing this is enough for me. I hope you all enjoy it too.

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