Another thought provoker..probably not.  

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4/22/2005 4:45 am

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Another thought provoker..probably not.

I sepent a year in Iraq seeing things I didnt think imaginable. But, that isnt a problem. My problem is why everything doesnt matter anymore. Allow me to explain. Have you ever got pissed because you caught that red light when you were late? Maybe yelled at a ringing phone that interuted something you were doing?
Well, count yourself lucky that that is the stressors in your life becuase right now some young man or woman has alot morre to think abut than that. I guess the only good thing that happend to me over there was realizing that things dont matter.
Wake up people and realize that your life isnt so bad. Those little crappy thing DONT MATTER! So get laid, gt drunk, hug your child or your lover. Give a little money, or better yet, time to a charitable cause.
Help where you can. And you can. Ok thanks for letting me spout for a while. I know I feel better.

wanderlust1176 41F

4/22/2005 6:16 am

Certainly what you say is true. We here in the Western world do not often stop to be grateful for the privilage we have been born to. Considering the two thirds of the worlds people live in third world countrys, many of them count themselves lucky if they can feed themselves and their family that day. At least that is what I tell my kids when they won't eat their dinner.

nightstogether 56M

4/22/2005 8:00 am

I think more people need to travel around and see some of these other countries where people don't have the advantages that they do; where people really have no idea what they will it next if at all; where there isn't a convenience store on every corner and light to see by is only the sun, water to wash is the river.

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