The Suprise  

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The Suprise

Opening the door you notice the gym bag I am caring and you get very excited as I enter the room. Wrapping your arms around me and kissing me gently you ask, “Is anything in there for me?” My hand gently runs down your back and starts to fondle your bottom as I whisper in your ear, “Everything in there is for you!” as I nibble your neck. My touch and kiss along with the anticipation of what is in store for you makes you warm and wet.

Your arms wrap around me and you pull me close. Slowly you rub your body against me feeling my erection with your pelvis as you grind your hips to rub me. “Are you going to show me what you have for me?” you ask mischievously. Slowly my hand moves under your skirt and slides inside your panties and glides gently down your soft cheek to touch your moist pussy. While my fingertip is teasingly twirling around your opening I whisper with a horse voice in your ear, “You are going to have to coax it out of me first!”

You move your hands down my side and start to unbutton my jeans and push them off my hips letting them fall around my ankles. Slowly you wrap your hand around my ever-hardening shaft and stroke me gently while the other hand fondles my genitals. Kissing my neck you start to move down my body unbuttoning my shirt as you move down. You kneel in front of me. First your remove my shoes and jeans off my legs and start to kiss my thighs and run your fingertips over my naked flesh. I drop the bag and finish removing my shirt as your tongue moves up my shaft and tickles the head of my cock. Soft lips kiss me there as my hands touch your shoulders and start to unfasten your top to slide down front of your top to fondle your breasts and tickle your hard nipples sending tingle over your body.

One of your hands holds the base of my cock as you continue to tease me with the tip of your tongue and your warm wet lips. My hips start to rotate gently as my arousal builds. Gently you place the head of my cock into your mouth and move up and down ever so slowly twirling your tongue around my throbbing head while you do so. Pulling your lips off of me you run the tip of your tongue down the shaft and tickle my genitals lightly before you slide it back up the shaft to my sensitive head. I let out a moan as your tease is driving me wild and you know it causing your pussy to flow with hot juices and tingle beneath your wet panties.

Finally you take me inside your mouth and move down the shaft until my hair tickles your face. My hands grab your breasts lightly as I start to fondle them. The sensation of your warm soft mouth fills me with desire. Faster you move up and down my shaft building my climax with each stroke. Feeling my cock swell inside your mouth knowing I am ready to cum you pull off and watch my cock throb in front of your eyes. Knowing I am full of wild desires you look up at me and ask, “Are you ready to show me yet?” as you run the tip of your warm wet tongue up my shaft and tease the head making my body shiver.

I stroke you face gently with the palm of my hand as you turn your face to kiss it and gently suck my fingertip. “Yes if you promise to be a good girl first.” I tell you. Ever so gently you put me back into your mouth and move over my throbbing head a few times then look back up at me and say, “I promise!” I reach down and pull you up by your arms and grab my bag as you lead me to the bedroom with anticipation. I toss the bag on the bed as I pull you close to me and kiss you deeply while my hands grab your top and start to pull it off your body. I pull away just long enough to peel your shirt off your shoulders and pull you close again to feel your soft breasts and hard nipples against my bare hairy chest.

Slowly my hands move down your sides and move behind you as I search for the buttons to unfasten your skirt. My fingertips unbutton and slowly unzip your skirt as it gently flutters to the floor. You step out of the skirt as you lift one leg and wrap it around my waist and grind your pussy against my hard naked cock. I can feel your wetness beneath your silky panties as we rub ourselves together.

Filled with hot desire I grab your waist and push you onto the bed. I take a moment to glimpse at your nearly naked body lying in front of me. I can see the look of sexual desire in your lovely face and eyes. I kneel between your legs and touch your knees gently spreading them apart. My hands grab your panties and pull them gently over your hips and down your smooth legs. I kiss your warm silky smooth thighs. With the tip of my tongue I kiss and lick very slowly up and down your legs giving you goose bumps.

You spread your legs inviting me to taste your sweet juices. It is my turn to tease as I move my tongue so very slowly up your inner thigh. The tip of my tongue goes gently inside you as I twirl it around your wet opening. Softly my hands move up and down your body captivated by the feeling of your warm soft flesh. Warm lips kiss your pussy gently as my tongue moves between your vulva and tickles your clit sending a torrent of tingles over your body. You lift your legs uncontrollably to your chest as you wiggle your hips to my touch.

You close your eyes and let the sensation of my tongue and touch melt the stupid problems of the day completely away your only thoughts are of the wonderful sensations you are feeling. You move your hands and lightly touch the back of my head and rest your feet on my shoulder. Your hips rotate to the rhythm of my darting tongue as warmth spreads over your body. Fingertips glide lightly over your body sending shiver of pleasure over your body.

The taste of your juices makes my tongue move faster over your clit building the warm feeling of climax. You are lost in the glorious sensation as your body tenses on the verge of climax. My flicking tongue stops and I kiss your pussy softly. I stand up in front of you and ask, “Are you ready for my surprises?” Your eyes light up in excitement as you say, “YES!” you roll onto the bed as I open the bag and pull out a long thin vibrator and turn it on. The gentle hum gives you goose bumps as you spread your legs ready to receive the wonderful toy.

I move over you in a 69 position and start to run the toy up and down your inner thighs teasing you with it. My lips and tongue lightly kiss and lick your legs. I feel your soft hands hold my shaft and gently stroke it. Moving closer I feel your warm tongue starts to tickle me gently. I move the wiggling toy down your inner thigh and slide the tip slowly inside you making your body jump slightly with pleasure. Slowly I stroke the toy in and out until it is very wet and slippery from your juices. Slowly I move it up between your lips and touch the vibrating tip against your sensitive clit sending a flood of tingles cascading over you naked body. You wildly suck my cock showing me the pleasure I am giving you as I move the toy slowly over your clit. Up and down left and right I please you with the wonderful toy making your body wiggle. Gently I slide it back inside you as I move my mouth over your pussy and start to kiss and lick you again.

I pull the vibrator out of you and move it down and slide it very carefully in your bottom making you gasp for air. Very, very slowly I slide the vibrator farther inside you while my tongue twirls around your clit. Your mouth leave my throbbing cock as you moan and gasp for air as the tingling sensation floods over your body.

I move my mouth off of your pussy and reach into my bag pulling another vibrator out and turn it on. Gently I slide the new toy inside you moving it in and out ever so slowly. My fingertips spread your lips apart and I slid the toy up to tickle your very sensitive clit. Electricity flows over your body as your hands hold my cock and you kiss the head over and over again.

Gently I slide the new toy inside you. You feel both toys inside you as I gently move them both in and out while my lips and tongue tickle and kiss you swollen lips and clit. Your hot body is awash with sensations of pleasure as you swallow my cock trying to show me the pleasure I am giving you. Slowly I move the toy in your bottom in and out while whit the other I start to move faster twirling it as I do. My tongue and the toys send sparks of pleasure over your body as you suck me faster and faster.

You can’t hld back the building sensation any longer as it starts to take over your body. You can’t take it any more as you pull your mouth away from my cock and cry out as your orgasm explodes wonderfully inside you flashing whit hot inside you. Your hands grip my flesh tightly as you hang on to me and your body starts to shake uncontrollably as the power of your orgasms build stronger and stronger. The intense sensation is over powering as you clamp your legs tightly together around my face and arch your back screaming, “STOP!”

The motions of the toys stop as I pull them gently out of you. Very lovingly kiss your pussy and feel your sex sweaty body quivering beneath me. When your body relaxes you grab my cock again and kiss me back. Your soft kisses drive me wild and I want nothing more then to feel your wet inner pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I pull away from you and turn around to face you. I wrap my body around yours and kiss you deeply as our arms entwine around each other’s naked bodies.

You wiggle your hips under me and wrap your legs around me as we start to rub our sensitive genitals together. Your wet lips tease my shaft as I rub very slowly against you. Once again I reach into the bag and pull out a section of soft nylon rope. I slowly wrap the end around your wrist and tie it to the bedpost then I do the same to your other wrist. You surrender to me as I tighten the ropes to the bed moving your arms apart. I reach into the bag again and remove a more rope and gently tie the ends around your ankles and fasten them to the foot of the bed. Softly I run my fingertips over your soft naked body lowering my mouth to your pussy and kissing you there very gently. The tip of my tongue as light as butterfly wings touch your sensitive clit making you gush and want more.

I kneel in front of you between your legs and start to tease your pussy with the head of my cock. I slowly twirl it around your opening and slide just the head inside your super wet pussy. I pull it out and move it up between your lips and tickle your clit with it. The sensation of our most sensitive body parts touching fills me with desire until I can’t take it any more.

I need to feel you to love you to please you with my hard cock. You feel the head of my cock go slowly inside you as you gasp for air. My cock fills you with pleasure as I move very slowly in and out. Looking down I watch my cock disappear inside you only to reappear wet and glistening from your juices. The feeling of your soft inner pussy surrounding my cock fills me with the desire to please you.

Grabbing one of the vibrators I turn it back on and touch the tips against your clit sending a shiver of sensations out of your pussy and over your body. Your moaning is driving me wild as I move faster inside you with my slippery cock and tickle you with the toy. You are lost in the pleasure as the tingling sensation grips your body, mind and soul!

The feeling of your orgasm explodes once again inside you as my cock drives and pumps inside you. Your hot juices leek down my cock and balls as your quivering body fights against the restraints. The feelings of your orgasms intensify as the toy tickles and my cock strokes faster and faster. One after the other your orgasms flow the first turning into the next. Your body is shaking uncontrollably the intensity is too much as your body tightens and tries to push me away but the rope hold you firmly in place as I continue to pound my hard shaft inside you.

Between gasps of breath and your moaning you ask, “Stop!” “Please let me cum inside you!” I beg “Please I need to cum!” as you struggle to try to stop the wonderful but very intense sensation of you multiple orgasms.

It could have been a second or an eternity when you feel my cock swell inside you. The sensation takes control of me as cum explodes inside you and my quivering body collapses on top of you. Our bodies soaked in sweat squirm against each other as my lips find yours and we kiss very deeply. Your very sweet kiss stirs me and I feel myself getting hard again. I pull away from your kiss and look into your beautiful eyes and ask, “ are you ready for some more?” You lightly bit the corner of your bottom lip ands say, “YES!”

rm_catd6b 47F
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4/21/2006 6:23 pm

wow love that was one hot story i think i need new batteries wheeeee!

jd29992z replies on 4/21/2006 7:00 pm:
I am soooo happy that you enjoyed the story sorry about your batteries! JD

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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4/21/2006 6:39 pm


You said you wern't a writter??? ..uh, uh..that is superb writing. I will cum back and read it all again just before bedtime tonight.

Also, I wanted to thank you so much for your enthusistic and great comments to my blog!!!! So glad you enjoy my place!! visit ANYTIME.

I owe you a few bjs now ...... after offering a bj for each cumment to my blog, hehehhehe


jd29992z replies on 4/22/2006 2:32 pm:
Thank you Jessica you are too kind. I am glad you enjoyed the story there is no better complment for a writer then to hear that thanks. And it looks like I need to check out your bolg again now how much is a plane ticket to Vancover????? I need to check that out. I have to tell you I have been on AAF for a while and I never checked out the bolgs I have been missing out!!!!!!! Darn!!!! I have meet shuch great people here thanks now I know what friends finders means see you JD

frbnkslady 48F
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4/21/2006 8:27 pm

WOW.... very nice.... need new arms now.. new batteries... T


jd29992z replies on 4/21/2006 9:27 pm:
Well if you keep reading my stories you would not need to pay for a guy membership oooooooh! Sorry about your batteries how is your new toy???? I hope my story helped you try it out! Keep in touch (oh I guess you can take that a few ways hmmmm) and see you soon babe JD

seek_my_flame 40F
465 posts
4/22/2006 3:27 am

OMG... It's Holy Saturday today... Fast and abstinence anyone?
I think I 'll log off after this one, LOL!

jd29992z replies on 4/22/2006 9:28 am:
I am glad that you enjoied the story I hope your water bill from taking all the cold showers dose not go to high!!!! JD

jd29992z replies on 4/23/2006 11:08 am:
I have a new story posted if yo are interested JD

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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4/22/2006 6:59 am

Well, now, that was hot....


jd29992z replies on 4/22/2006 9:30 am:
Hi I hope you had as much fun reading my story as I did writing it!!! It took me FOREVER it is hard to write when you are hard ooops did I just say that sorry JD


4/22/2006 2:18 pm

Runs from the computer for the toy box muahahahahaha!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

jd29992z replies on 4/22/2006 2:24 pm:
I just can't get enough of those toy either!!!!! BBRRRRRBBBRRRR!!! I am working on a new story now so keep a look out for it see you JD

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
3394 posts
4/22/2006 3:55 pm


Thank you so much for great comments and for compliments ...... re where u write from .. heart & down there ..... a lil secret, ... it's your thinking from "down there" that i also like, lol.

Keep it up ........................................and the writing also, hehehehhehe

jd29992z replies on 4/22/2006 5:56 pm:
Thanks my heart is warm and my wellllllll is hard I guess. And I will keep it up it usually dose it all by it's self I think it is possessed sometimes lol. I wrote a little note in your blog find it and tell me what you think see you JD

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
3394 posts
4/22/2006 5:18 pm


>>>> [post 136719] WOW .... U Really "DO GET IT" ... my short reply, cause u said it all ... totally capturing the essence of a special 3some.

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