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The Movie

We are sitting together on the couch watching a movie. I have my arm around you and you are resting your head on my shoulder. I start to run my fingertips up and down the bare skin of your arm. You can smell the light fragrance of my body soap as you nuzzle closer to me. My touch and the smell start to make you warm. You place your hand on my bare thigh and start to run your fingertips along my leg. You move your hand up my leg and under my loose fitting shorts and back down my leg teasing me. I move my hand down your arm and under your top my fingers touch the skin of your belly and side. Your hand moves back up my leg to fondle me gently. I grab the remote and turn off the TV and toss the remote. Your fingertips lightly touch the shaft of my erection and move up its length to tickle the head you start to imagine the feeling of it inside you and you tingle with excitement. I move my hand up your belly and run my fingertip over the bottom curve of your breast and your soft skin there captivates me. I move my other hand to hold your cheek and turn your face as I lower mine to kiss you tenderly. My lips gently touch yours as the tip of my tongue lightly runs across your lips and I kiss you again. My fingertips touch your nipple. The four fingers of my hand move up lightly skimming across your nipple one at a time and then move back down the same way. My touching and kissing makes you wet and tingly as your hand move faster over my hard shaft. My hands move to your waist and pull your top off revealing your gorgeous naked breasts. Your hands pull my shorts off my hips and slide them down my legs. Your soft hands unbutton my shirt and move up to my shoulders to slide the garment off my shoulders. We enfold our arms around each other and pull ourselves together in a long embrace. My hands lightly touch your heavenly body awestruck by you soft sweat flesh. I kiss down your body tenderly starting at your neck and working my way slowly down teasing you with my lips and tongue making you excited and wet. My lips kiss your nipples as my darting tongue tickles and teases you there. My hands glide lightly over your body from your cheeks and neck to your feet and toes not missing a single spot. I run the tip of my tongue left and right across your tight little belly I feel you squirm from the sensation arousing me and making me throb. My tongue licks around the edge of your silky jogging shorts as my fingertips move into your waistband. Gently I tug them off your hips and down your exquisitely soft legs. I throb with desire as my tongue move down over your velvet fur and it slides between the lips of your vulva to tickle your sensitive clit. Your moans of pleasure entice me as I slowly twirl my tongue around your sexy nub. I pull away and smile at you as I take a sip from my drink taking an ice cub into my mouth. Slowly I move my face back between your legs. My tongue tickles your clit right before I slide the ice cube out of my mouth and hold it over you clit. The cold sensation of the ice on your clit makes your legs jump and your body tremble. I switch the ice with my warm tongue and run it over your clit in slow circles. I move the ice back on you the cold is making your clit super sensitive as my tongue replaces it to tickle you again. I switch from one to the other driving you wild with a glorious tingling as your body rocks back and forth, your hips wiggle and your legs move up and down rubbing against my face. I am so turned on by your wiggling body and your moans my tongue moves faster across your clit. The tingling feeling grows stronger as your leg grip tightly around my face and your hand grab my shoulder tightly. You let out a loud cry as you feel your orgasm erupt inside you sending shivers over your body. I grab your hips and hold your wiggling body as I continue to tickle you vigorously causing you to go into uncontrollable spasms. I stop my tongue and move what is left of the ice cub and lightly rub it over your vulva and around your pussy soothing and wildly tickling you at the same time. I run my tongue down your inner thighs kissing, licking and running the ice over you soft flesh. The sensation is incredible as you moan and wiggle. I move down you leg past your knee and down your calf. I knee in front of you and hold your ankles in my hands and lightly tickle the bottoms of your feet with my chest hair. I run the tip of my tongue over the bottom of your foot and kiss your toes lovingly while I move your other foot down my chest and rub it against my hard cock. I slowly move you’re your feet around my chest and start to kiss the other foot. I put your feet over my shoulders and lightly run my fingertips up and down your legs making your flesh come alive with and gentle tingle. As I run my hands up and down your inner thighs I ask, “Would you like to go to bed?” “Oh yes!” you exclaim. As I put your feet down and stand up taking your hand and helping you off the couch. We walk to the bed arm in arm as we cuddle together. We get to the bed and you grab me and push me on the bed and fall on top of me. We grab and tickle each other giggling and playing on the bed. “God you are HOT!” I tell you as I wrestle you onto your back and look into your eyes. You reach up and grab my cock and say, “God are you hard!” and you start to giggle again while your stroke me with your soft touch. I am so aroused at our play that I slide my body between your legs and start to rub myself against your wet pussy You run your hands up and down my back making my skin tingle with excitement. I look into your eyes as I slide my cock down your wet pussy lips and enter you slowly. I can see the pleasurable look in your eyes and face and say, “You look so beautiful and sexy right now.” As I move in and out very slowly rotating my hips to explore every inch or your inner pussy. The feeling of your soft wet flesh rubbing on my cock is heavenly as I lower my self down close to you. I hold myself just high enough above you so all you can feel is my chest hairs tickling your nipples and breasts. You hands rub my arms and shoulders as you coo to the sensation. You legs are rubbing my hips and I feel you feet running up and down the sides of my legs. I love the feeling of your skin as I lower myself on top of you and rub my chest tightly against your breasts. Our lips touch and kiss passionately as I move gently in and out of you still teasing and arousing you with my slow moving cock. I feel your hands move down my back and grab my ass and pull me into you. I start to move faster inside you as my hand move over you touching and enjoying your warm soft skin. You kiss my neck and moan gently as my rubbing cock sends light shivers through your body. I push my body up as I run my hands down you inner thigh. Kneeling in front of you I hold you behind your knees and pull your legs up so they are pointing straight up in front of me. I gently push your legs together and hold them there as I stroke you faster. I look down and see you moist slit of your vulva from between your tight legs making me so aroused. I move faster inside you watching my hard shaft disappear inside you . You rotate your hips up and down increasing the sensation of my rubbing cock inside you. I kiss the back of your legs as I fuck you harder and harder you hot sexy body thrills me. You feel your climax build as you moan in pleasure. You can hear me moan and it makes you wild as your climax rolls from your pussy up your body and through your legs. As your body shivers I let go of your legs and hold your hips. You wrap your legs around me and grip me tightly around my waist. “Oh baby you feel so good!” I cry out as my climax is building. You shivering body wiggles against my cock trying to make me cum. You feel me shake and hear me cry out as my climax hits. I arch my back and thrust deep inside you as I feel our juices leak down my cock. Falling on top of you I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear, “Wow that was good, you feel so good!” You kiss my neck and tell me “Oh baby I love your cock!” I move slowly out until I feel your opening close around the tip of my cock and I slowly move the head of my cock inside you. Gently I move just the head in and out concentration as I run the tip around the edge of your opening. Gently I move in and out rotating my hips using just the head I explore the very beginning of you as I move my hips down and push up searching, looking feeling you. My hands move up and down your body touching, tickling and teasing your warm soft skin. I kiss you tenderly as your hand move up and down my back and across my bottom making my skin feel alive and tingly. I move my hand over your hip and across your belly I feel your soft velvet hair above your pussy as my fingertip slides down to touch your pussy. I move it down and I gently slide my fingertip inside you next to my cock to get the tip wet and slippery with your juices. You feel me lightly touch your clit as I breeze it across your sensitive clit. My touch and cock make you tingle as I tease you gently making your juices flow filling you with a craving for more. The tip of my cock gently rubs your G spot as you moan and wiggle your hips. I focus on that area as I move my hips around in a circle and move in and out rubbing you there. You legs start to move in a scissor motion across my hips as the sensation fill you with ecstasy. I move my body and push up from the bed with my arms and move my hips forward. I move the shaft of my cock gently rubbing against your clit keeping the head of my cock inside you as I move in and out slowly. You let out a moan as the feeling trills you with delight. Faster I move in and out rubbing you clit and teasing your opening faster. Your clit explodes with electricity as your puss craves my shaft. In on fluid motion I slide deep inside you filling your horny pussy with pleasure. I stroke you slow and gently sliding inside you and holding it there while I rotate my hips and twirl the head of my cock deep inside you. I move up and kneel in front of you slowly stroking you. You lift up your legs and rub the bottom of your feet against my chest. One of your feet moves up my shoulders and rubs my neck and cheek filling me with desire from your touch. I turn my face and kiss your foot as I run my fingertips down your sides, over your hips and touch your sexy legs. You lightly touching feet stir me to want to please you as I move my hands across your legs and hold your ankles. I move your legs over and roll you onto your side on the bed. I push your thighs against your chest in the fetal position as I stroke you deep and gently with my hard cock. My hands touch every inch of your body from the tips of your toes up to your neck and face. Your body is inundated with sensations as my moving cock and roaming hands tantalize you. My hand moves over your belly and down to enter you next to my cock. You know where I will touch next and you are sinfully aroused. When my finger touches your clit your body shudders with sudden energizing sensations. Faster I move inside you as my fingertips circles and slides around your sensitive nub and my other hand tweaks and tickles your nipple. I move my hips so that not only am I pushing in but also forward rubbing the head of my cock against the area inside you that I found earlier. Your body is filled with pleasure as I move faster building you rapidly to climax. Your sexual beauty enchants me as I please you excites me making me move faster. Your naked body shakes wildly as your orgasm flows over your body as my hand grabs your shoulder to hold you in place as I pound you faster. My other hand moves around your legs to hold them in place so I can achieve my climax. I feel the tingle deep within my body as I say, ”Hold on baby I am almost there!” our moans of joy fill the room as fuck wildly. You fight the urge to kick away from me as I thrust quickly inside your quivering pussy. You feel me shake and quiver as the hot juice from my orgasm explodes inside you. I lay down behind you and hold you tight. Kissing your neck I very slowly start to move in and out again. As our tingling bodies rub gently together.

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mmmmmm...I love the ice thing...ohmy. (Just no tickling my feet...)

"All you'll get from strangers is surface pleasantry or indifference. Only someone who loves you will criticize you." - Judith Crist, crack film critic

jd29992z replies on 2/10/2008 12:08 pm:
Glad you are getting into my old writings and if you have never had the ice cube trick hmmmmm I think you would like it every time I have ever done that it was a certain orgasm and I just don't stop at certain either hehehehe I know I am a flirt later sexy JD

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