The Kiss Part 7  

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The Kiss Part 7

So soft and wet she feels as I move slowly in and out her sexy body curled up in front of me as my curious hands and fingertips start to explore her once again. I feel her body shiver as I run my fingertips over her warm sensitive skin.

I reposition myself behind her so I can push gently forward as well as in and I explore her inner pussy with the head of my hardness. Gently I move in and rotate my hips trying to find that spot inside her that I fond earlier with my fingertip. Moving in and out rotating around and around searching, probing I finally touch her just right making her gasp for air while she wiggles against me. I close my eyes and concentrate on the spot emerging her, simulating her, making her body wiggle from the tingles.

My hand touches her breast and nipple tickling and teasing while my other hand move down her side, over the subtle curve of her hip, following the curve of her leg until I fondle and massage her sleek sexy foot. She wiggles and moans to my gentle touch and my rotating hips stimulating her desires and pleasures.

My hand moves up her leg and I slide it between her leg and belly gliding down until my fingertip touches her hard sensitive nub. Gasping for air deeply and uttering a deep moan I knew I more then just touched her. My fingertip and the head of my erection moving in unison on her most sensate areas made her wiggle faster, made her moan louder touching my soul deeper then any woman before.

Why am I feeling like this, why is it so important to please her not just her body but also her entire being? Is it her eyes how they don’t look at me but they burn deep though me to my very soul? Is it her spirit so wild and untamed, free and unfettered wanting deep inside to hold her and feel that energy for just a moment? Or is it all of her that drives my arousal, my deep wanton desires to please her to make her moan and shake and love me?

My rubbing quickens making her cry out. ”Oh fuck me hard with your beautiful cock!” My body shakes from her voice and desires as I thrust deep inside her making her body shake and let out a loud quivering moan. “I love your cock please make me cum with you cock!” her words drive me wild and burn warmly deep in my heart and soul as I slide faster inside her wet warmth.

I move my fingertip faster as I slide almost all the way out and rotate my hips around then slide back inside burying my hardness deep within her loving warmth. Her body starts to shake as she screams, “Yes, yes, yes!” as her grip around her legs tightens and she buries her face into her knees, her hair is disheveled over her shoulders, legs and face as her body quivers because of my driving hardness.

My body is numb and all I an feel is her soft wetness enveloping me like a warm velvet glove. Her shaking and moaning fill my mind with desire and arouses me so that my I am so hard that it hurts but I continue to drive faster into her sexy body. My mind is a blank except for the diving primeval thoughts of pleasing her, feeling her body shake and wiggle, feeling her hot juices leaking down my shaft, hearing her moan in pleasure.

Her body starts to shake uncontrollably as she cries out her legs kick out, her back arches and she throws her head back while grabbing the sheet of the bed in her clenched hands. I hold on to her trying to stay inside her hot quivering pussy. Her legs kick and her hip fly forward as I hold on still inside her with my hand grabbing her hip and shoulder tightly. Her spasms subside as her breathing slows down. Gently I slide all the way inside her making her let out a moan as I fill her very sensitive pussy again and I hold it there very still. My hands touch her hips as I roll her onto her stomach.

I nestle in between her legs and very slowly move in and out as my hands move up her back and touch her shoulders. Then slow and gently I start to massage her neck and shoulders fingers kneading deep into muscles and skin. Slowly I move my super hard erection in and out while I rub your shoulders. She hums gently to the sensation of my rub and my flowing hardness moving slowly in and out as she wiggles her hips and body gently to my rhythm.

My firm hands move down one of her arms rubbing and massaging down to her hand where I rub each finger on her hand and gently rub her palm. Slowly I move back up her arm and across her shoulder and down the other arm. Slowly moving my hips back and forth and in a slow gentle circle feeling her soft wetness and letting the sensation move my heart and soul.

Down her back my fingers rub her down lower and lower until I am rubbing her bottom. Her wiggling is very hot and sexy as y hands move under her hips and I pull gently up as if she was reading my mind she pushed up on her hands and knees in front of me. Holding her by the hips I stared to move faster inside her. She rotated her head as her hair flowed across her smooth shoulders.

My hand moved up her body and I cupped her breast and its gently swayed with the rhythm of my strokes. Faster I move feeling her wiggle and push back to meet my thrust in her and wiggling her bottom against my wasit as I fully entered her. I look down at her lovely curves of her bottom and quivered at the beauty and the soft feeling.

The sound of our skin slapping and our moaning fills the room as she pushes back into me whit each trust. My hand moves down her waist as she cries, “OOOOOH!” knowing that my finger is going to touch her very sensitive clit. When I touch there her body shivers and she let out a loud moan.

Faster we move together as my fingertips tickles her I feel her wiggle more and more until her chest drop to the bed and she buried her face into the pillow grabbing the sheets. Faster I tickle and fuck her driving deep inside feeling her wetness, her squirming body and hearing her muffled screams of climax driving me wild.

She tries to lower her hips to the bed but I grab them and hold them up, “Oh babe let me cum inside you!” I plead as I move faster feeling the tingle grow. Her bottom is shaking and her juices drip off of us as I move faster inside her when the tingles grow from the base of my erection and shoot to the head like a bolt of lighting. I hold on savoring my pre climax as long as I can until it explodes inside her and we both fall quivering to the bed in a heap of sweaty tingling flesh.

I move in and out slowly for a few times then I pull out gently. We nuzzle together as she wraps her body around mine and lays her head on my chest. Her fingers teasing the hair on my chest as we hold each other tight. Our breathing becomes normal as we hold our sex sweaty bodies together.

I move my hands up and down her body as I hear her breathing become slow and rhythmic I thought to myself, “She fell asleep.” I smile as I touch her so tenderly as not to wake her and very happy she is sleeping in my bed with me tonight. I close my eye and gently fall to sleep.

To be continued??????????????

waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

5/9/2006 9:47 pm

Finally!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I can take much more of this, damn but you do know how to write. I left a link on my blog for the ladies, I hope you don't mind.

jd29992z replies on 5/10/2006 12:16 pm:
Thank you that was so cool of you do do so!!!!! I am happy to hear people appreciate my silly little stories. And ye it is very cool you left a link thanks and I an glad you like my stories I may take a writing break tonight but i do have more of This story planed so see you later JD.


5/11/2006 2:39 pm

Wonderful, I need to breath now

under the stars
We choose to write
you choose what you comprehend.
read twice and be nice
every key stroke... has a heart beat

jd29992z replies on 5/11/2006 3:32 pm:
You are soooooo hot too I just get sooooo excited when you comment hmmmm I guess I just love to flirt!!!!! See you JD

Oh I am taking a day off sorry but I just get too excited writing and gee it gets kind of hard.... well you know that too... and wow. I want to know if you hae a special fantasy you would like me to write about let me know see you babe JD


5/13/2006 4:24 pm

Now that's the only way to be put to sleep {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

jd29992z replies on 5/13/2006 4:51 pm:
My feeling exactly MO. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying don't be a stranger now!!!!! JD

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