Long Drive  

jd29992z 54M
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4/6/2006 6:59 am
Long Drive

The sun has just set while we sit close together on a very long road trip. My arm is around your waist as I lightly run my fingertips over the soft skin of your inner thigh. You nuzzle closer to me as your arousal grows from the tingling sensation my fingertips are giving you. I move my hand down your leg to your knee and back up to just slightly under your skirt until I move my fingertips back down again in a slow circular motion. I continue to tease you with my light touch as we drive through the evening and into the night. You feel yourself get warm and wet as my touch sends shivers over your body. You unbutton my shirt and run your fingertips through my hairy chest and start to kiss and nibble my neck. Your arm that is around my waist moves over my thigh and starts to follow the outline of my hard cock protruding from my jeans. I feel your fingers unzip my jeans and your hand gropes for my shaft to free it out of its tight confines of my pants. Your soft gentle hand glides slowly up and down my shaft as you take time to tickle my sensitive head. I feel your hips thrust out trying to get my hand to touch your wet horny pussy. I continue to tease you as I move my hand closer then I move it down again. Your hips wiggle in anticipation for my touch and you moan trying to entice my hand to touch you. Finally I move my hand up and lightly rub the palm of my hand against the warm wet crotch of your panties. I can feel your heat radiating from beneath your silky panties as I lightly rub my palm up and down against your pussy. You softly moan as I massage you between your legs and your hand strokes the soft skin of my shaft. I feel you press your breast against my side. I can feel your hard nipple poke through both of our shirts and rub against me. With a single fingertip I move it up and down your hot crotch twirling it in a circular motion as I move it up. Your body jumps and your legs tremble as I touch your clit. You nibble and suck my neck as your breathing get faster. I tease your clit slowly and gently taking my time to touch the hard little nub. You feel me slide my finger inside your panties and I move it inside you feeling your wetness gush over my finger. Taking your juices with my finger I move gently up parting your soft petals and spreading the slippery juices over your sensitive clit. Your legs start to tremble and wiggle as my finger sends sparks of electricity over your body. You lower your hand that is on my chest and unbuttons my shirt on the way down. You then unbutton my jeans to pull my cock farther out of my pants. One of your hands stokes my shaft while the other tickles my head with your fingertips. Faster I tickle your clit sending shiver over you causing your hips to rotate and your legs scissor back and forth as the tingling sensation grow stronger inside you. Your moaning drives me crazy as I tickle you faster gliding my nibble finger quickly across your very sensitive clitoris. I feel your hands grip my cock tightly and your body stiffens, as you orgasm gets closer. I move my finger down and slide it inside you moving it very slowly in and out while I rub the palm of my hand gently against your clit bringing you down from the edge of your orgasm. You inhale deeply as you let out a moan and your desires to be build back up again. I move my finger up between your lips bringing more of your juices up with it. The slippery wet fingertip lightly touches your super sensitive clit again to softly explore you. Your legs lift as the wonderful sensation flows over you. Slowly I tickle you moving faster a little at a time then slowing down again. Your hands stroke me faster and faster and your lips kiss and nibble my neck and ear. I feel and hear your hot breath as your breathing becomes faster from my touch. Faster and faster I spin my fingertip sensing your pleasure as we are in tune with one another. I feel your pleasure as if we were connected by an invisible bond. Your hips move and jut towards my twisting fingertip as you lift your legs up and down. Your hands are all over me rubbing my stomach and chest, touching my stiffness and down over the soft skin of my genitals. Sensing that you are on the verge of climax again I slide back inside you to bring you down again. As I slide my finger inside your soft wet pussy I feel your cream gushing out and leak down my finger and onto my hand making my cock throb. The soft touch of my palm against your clit keeps the tingling feeling alive as you whisper in my ear, “Oh I can’t stand it please make me cum!” Knowing how horny I am making you feel stirs me and makes my cock throb with excitement. I slide my super slippery fingertip up again and I tickle your clit sending vibrations of pleasure over your pussy. Faster I wiggle my finger against your clit as you masturbate me. Your moans grow louder as I tickle you faster. Your legs and hips wiggle and twist as the electrifying sensation builds and builds until your body explodes into uncontrollable spasms of pleasure. Your hand grips my cock tightly as you hold on. Your body shakes and jolts to the intense tingle of your clitoral orgasm. Your legs kick your shoes off your feet and fling them across the cab of the vehicle. Your body slumps down the seat and you head falls onto my lap as your body continues to spasm violently. You can feel my hard cock against your face as you scream in total pleasure of the wild orgasm my fingertip is giving you. Your legs tighten around my hand as I continue to tickle you faster. Your hands grab my arm as you sink your fingernails into the skin of my arm. Your orgasms grow with each flick of my nibble finger as you cry out in pleasure. I slide my fingertip inside your hot gushing wet pussy and move it slowly in and out while your body quivers from your wild climax. When you are relaxed and moaning lightly I slide my fingertip up and touch your clit without wiggling my finger I just put light pressure against your clit sending sparks out from your sensitive pussy as you gasp for air. Your hips rotate making my fingertip rub over your clit as you build your climax back using your hips to tickle my fingertip against your clit. Faster you move your hips making my stationary fingertip slide back and forth across your sensitive clit. Faster you move and rotate your hips as you grab my arm with your hands to move my fingertip to masturbate with. I am so aroused as you build yourself to climax using my fingertip as a toy. Your moans grow as you feel the tingle grow. Your legs are moving up and down while you gasp for air and moan with delight. Faster you wiggle until you explode again in wild orgasm. Your desire to please me back is so great as you lie on my lap feeling my hard shaft against the side of your head. Moving your body around you grab hold of me start to run the tip of your tongue up and down my cock. The tip of your tongue moves around my head teasing me. I continue to drive while enjoying the wonderful sensation you are so lovingly giving me. I look over and see your ass pointing up in the light of the dashboard lights and I move my hand over to run it up and down the curves of your bottom. Your tongue twirls around the head of my cock as your hands pull my jeans down my hips. You start to fondle my genitals softly as your moth takes my hard shaft inside your beautiful mouth and move slowly down the length of my shaft. My hand moves over your bottom and down between your legs and feel your panties are soaking wet from you juices. I slide my finger around your panties and gently I move inside you. You pull me out of your mouth to tease the head of my cock with your quickly twirling tongue. I move my finger in and out of your wet pussy as you go down on me again this time you move faster. The feeling sends shivers up my spine as I move my fingertip up your pussy to touch your clit again. When I touch your clit you moan with pleasure. I can feel the vibrations of your moan tickle my cock as you move up and down. Faster I tickle you again and faster you suck me. Your hand lightly grips my genitals and you roll them back and forth while you move your mouth faster drawing my climax. Faster I tickle your super sensitive clit as our orgasms build together. My breathing gets faster as I feel the head of my cock tingle. I grip the steering wheel tight with my one hand and I tickle your clit faster as your orgasm erupts casing your body to shudder as you move you mouth faster over my cock desperately wanting to please me. The tingling sensation spreads through my body as I yell, I can’t hold it any more!” making you move your mouth faster over my swollen cock. I explode my hot load against the back of your throat as you greedily swallow my first shot, “Keep going!” I moan as I hold the second load back and your mouth moves faster. I hold it back until I can’t take it any more and I expel my remaining cum into your mouth as I quiver in my seat. You suckle the head of my cock gently in your lips and lightly tease the very tip with your tongue keeping my cock ridged and my senses aroused. Your fingertips tickle the soft skin of my genitals as I wiggle my hips to the glorious feeling you are so lovingly giving me. You are so horny your need for me to be inside you makes your pussy tingle and flood with your juices. You sit up in the seat and grab my hard cock and kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, “Pull over NOW!” As I guide the vehicle over to the shoulder of the road you rip your panties off and throw them to the floor. Almost before I can come to a complete stop you are pulling me over from behind the wheel. As I slide from behind the wheel you lift your skirt and straddle me. Your hands grab my very hard throbbing cock and you take what you want as you slide me inside you and start to fuck me wildly. We feel the vehicle shake and rock as the big trucks fly by us. I pull your top off your shoulders and arms and toss it to the side I can see your naked breasts in the brief lights of the passing cars. I wrap my arms around you and pull you tight against me feeling you naked breasts rub my bare chest. Our lips meet in a deep kiss, as I taste my salty juices on your mouth. My cock throbs inside you as you wildly fuck me. You moan in my mouth as your pleasure grows. My hand moves down your body as I slide it between us to touch your clit. Faster I tickle you as you move your hips up and down over my hard shaft. The electricity flows over you as my thrusting cock builds you to the brink of climax and my twirling fingertip pushes you over the edge of pleasure. Your orgasm explodes in wonderful glory as your body violently trembles on top of my cock. My other hand grabs your shoulder to hold you on top of me as is thrust deep inside you faster and faster. You throw your head back and forth making your hair fly across my face and shoulders. The intense feeling of your orgasms takes over your body and mind as I continue to fuck you wildly. You screaming is driving me wild as I thrust faster, “Let me cum inside you!” I beg as I hold onto your wildly shaking body. One after the other your orgasms flow like water over a waterfall. Your arms grab my shoulders and your grip tightens as you try to make me cum. You feel me swell inside you as I moan. I hold on to my orgasm trying to increase my pleasure but your soft wet inner pussy draws out my cum. I explode inside you as you feel my hot sticky cum leak out of your wet pussy as our shaking bodies fall together in glorious pleasure. I run my hands over your body lightly touching your tingling skin. Our hips slowly move together as our genitals tingle to the light stroke. You kiss my neck as I rub your breasts and tickle your nipples with the tips of my fingers. Your hair is tickling my neck and face as we rotate out hips together. I hold your hips as I turn you over on your back into the passengers seat. Reaching down I recline the seat all the way down as I move my cock very slowly in and out of you as I kiss you softly. I move my cock until it is almost out of you and I feel your opening close around the very tip of my head. I then slid inside you until only the head of my cock is inside you. Slowly and gently I move my cock back out again. Slow and easy I move the head of my cock in and out rotating my hips as I move. The light tickle of my cock teasing the very edge of your pussy makes you horny again. I do this until you grab my ass and pull me hard to drive my hard shaft deep into your horny wet pussy. Wrapping your legs tightly around me I stroke you faster driving my shaft deep inside you then pulling it back out quickly again. Letting out a soft moan of pleasure you run your hands up and down my back as I slowly stroke you. Hips wiggling while I move faster in and out of you. Your juices make my cock slide smoothly inside you. I throb with desire to please you as your moaning drives my stroking faster. I kiss your neck as my hands move all over your body absorbing the pleasure of your warm soft skin. I drive my cock faster and harder inside you making your pussy tingle with excitement. I feel your legs rubbing against my hips as I pump you faster. You let out a loud cry as your tingling grows stronger and your climax is growing near. The sensation erupts inside you as your orgasm hit you like a runaway train. You squeal with pleasure as I fuck you wildly and your fingernails dig deep into my back and you bite my shoulder. You quivering pussy feels like heaven as I move wildly in and out of you. The tingling sensations start to take over my cock and spread through my body as my quivering cock once again orgasms inside your dripping wet pussy. I lie on top of you as your legs drop beside me and your hands caress my back and shoulders. You kiss me where you bit me over and over as your hand move to lightly touch me there. My hands fondle your breasts as I kiss your neck and move my cock very slowly and gently in and out of you. “Wow that was wild!” you whisper in my ear, “did I hurt you with my bite?” “Oh babe that was excellent! And no you did not hurt me too bad you only drove me wild!” I move gently and slowly in and out of you with my cock. “I think we should keep driving what do you think?” “I want to do this all night!” you giggle, then you say, “We better keep going and find a nice motel room what do YOU think!” “I think you are right babe I would love to take a nice hot shower only if you want to take one with me!” you kiss my lips gently and say, “I would love to!” I pull out of you gently as we sit up in the vehicle you put your top on and I pull my jeans back up and we continue to drive. You nuzzle very close to me and I wrap my arm around you and start to run my fingertips along your inner thighs. “Isn’t this the way we got started?” you ask. “Well if it worked once why stop a good thing!” you hold me tight and giggle while you kiss my neck and we drive on into the night.

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