Dessert Part 4  

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Dessert Part 4

Gently I press my hardness against your wet mound moving back and forth teasing you, building your desires, sending warm tingles over you while my tongue traces a path from your neck up your cheek. My warm lips touch yours lightly, softly, seducing you with gentle kisses. Your soft legs move up and down against my hips, wiggling and squirming you try to position yourself to take me inside your wet tingling pussy to quench the itch, the desire, to feel my naked hardness slide inside you.

We press ourselves closer squirming our chests together, tighter…firmer…closer as we squirm our bodies against each other. Your sensitive nipples tingle as we rub our chests together sending ripples of sensation over your aroused sex. The head of my hardness parts your wet smooth lips and rubs tenderly against you clit causing your hips to tremble as you indulge in the wickedly wonderful sensation.

Pulling away from your kiss I push myself up to my knees as I look down at your ripe sexy body yearning for me, burning with desire for me, melting my heart knowing this beautiful woman desires me and my love.

Holding my erection in my hand I slide I tenderly down her soft lips and circle the head gently around your warm wet opening. Hips wiggle and writhe, legs move and rub, hands reach out to touch as I move inside you very slowly. A moan, a gasp of air, emits from your slightly parted, swollen lips as the sensation of my hardness filler you with wanted pleasure.

Gently I move the head of my erection in and out teasing you as I reach for the last portion of cheesecake. Moving my fingers to your lip your tongue moves out from between your swollen lips to taste the treat. Your tongue licks and twirls around my fingers as I slide gently inside you.

Legs lift up to rub the sides of my body as your hips wiggle and twist enjoying the sensation of my slow moving penetration, filling you, spreading you warm wetness open with my naked hardness. Your lips part and move over my fingers and suck on them, to devour the dessert, and to arouse me. I watch as my erection disappears inside you, feeling your hot, wet inner sex engulf me with overwhelming pleasure.

When you lick and suck all the creamy delight off my fingertips my hands move down to touch your sleek, smooth legs as I begin to move very slowly in and out. Slowly and smoothly I slide, wiggle and move around your tremendously wet, slippery, flesh taking in my naked hardness with ease.

You feel my hardness almost come completely out and stop as I reposition my hips and push up on your legs to rotate your hips up a bit. Just moving in a little bit I and rotating my hips and pushing upward, I explore, searching for the spot inside you, that wonderful spot that makes you squirm with pleasure. Gently moving in and out while I move my hips around you gasp and jerk your legs up as I find the spot, tenderly…gingerly I concentrate on massaging that sensitive area of yours with the head of my hardness.

Rubbing the spot for a few moments then sliding deep inside slowly stroking deep and long then back to the spot with short movements and a gently rhythm then deep inside you again. The tantalizing sensation makes you moan louder as your hips wiggle and squirm to your building climax.

Your sounds and movements drive me, inspire me, and thrill me as I move faster inside you, still concentrating on pushing up to stimulate your spot with each stroke. You legs wrap around me as you rub your mound against me thrusting back with each of my strokes. You are on the verge as you let the tingles take over you, envelop you, fill your mind, soul and body as the brilliant bright light of pleasure explodes inside your mind.

Furiously I drive into your shaking body as the fingers of your orgasm spread hot and wild over you, consuming you in intense pleasure. You cry out as your legs grip me around the waist, your hands hold onto me tightly while your orgasms come one after the other building stronger with each stroke.

I push deep inside you and hold myself there feeling your inner pussy quiver around me as your body shakes wildly on the couch. Hands move down your leg to pull it up to my chest and nuzzle my face against your soft, smooth skin. Gently kissing your warm flesh as I start to move inside you very slowly.

I push back inside you deep and hold it as I move your leg in front of me rolling you onto your side. My hands move over you touching, teasing and feeling your warm smooth naked flesh. Moving tenderly inside you I feel you warmth surround me like a living velvet glove sending shivers over my body.

I move my hands to your hips and move you around to your knees as you grab the armrest of the couch and push yourself up. Your hair drapes over your sleek shoulders and down your back as you throw your head back enthralled by the sensation of my moving hardness inside you, filling you. The luscious curves of your waist move gently down to your hips and down your legs as I stair in amassment of your naked beauty in front of me, driving my desires as they burn hot as embers in my soul.

Moving, rotating, rubbing and sliding I move gently inside you captivated by the pleaser of your warmth and the slippery soft flesh. Faster I move as I grip your hips tightly in my hands the sound of our slapping flesh and moans of pleasure fill the room. You gasp as the tingling build, grow and bring you closer to climax again. You lower your head and your upper body to the armrest and grab it tightly in your hands.

Shaking and quivering you hang on wanting to feel my climax inside you, wanting to know my pleasure by the sensation of my hot sticky load deep inside you. The sensation builds and builds as your orgasm comes alive inside you with exquisite pleasure. You cry out, “OH fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” as I thrust deep and fast inside you.

You feel my erection swell inside you and my hands grip your hips as I let out a cry. You feel my hot orgasm explode deep inside you as I quiver and fall on top of you. We roll onto our sides on the couch as we spoon while I am moving gently inside you. I kiss your neck and move my hands to your breast to touch and tickle your ripe sensitive nipples Breathing heavy and catching our breaths we gently rub ourselves against each other as our euphoria subsides.

To be continued….

waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

5/19/2006 9:07 pm

HHHHHHHOOOOOOOTTTTTTT, I am now going to stop buying penthouse forum, OMG........that was great. And yes you may invite me to your network

jd29992z replies on 5/20/2006 12:45 pm:
I am glad you liked it. This is a fun story for me too the food play is fun, cheescake is very good hmmmm even better when spread over a hot naked body ooooh. Oh I sent the invite see you around girl JD

Oh and thanks for stopping by!

waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

5/19/2006 9:10 pm

btw, I don't know if you like them, but asparagus and oysters on the half shell are really great to feed to each other (my husband just love's to watch me eat asparagus)

clitalicious67 49F

5/20/2006 6:03 am

Dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmm it is getting HOT in here...whew!

jd29992z replies on 5/20/2006 12:51 pm:
Oooooh I am glad to help you warm up a bit! I am just happy to please I guess hehehe. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my silly stories. I am taking a day off but I will have the next part out Sunday night so hope I see you then JD


5/20/2006 6:47 am

very hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

under the stars
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you choose what you comprehend.
read twice and be nice
every key stroke... has a heart beat

jd29992z replies on 5/20/2006 12:56 pm:
Thank you Mrs Muff to my #1 fan I am always here to please!!!!! Oh I found your group but I keep missing the action hmmmm kind of like going to an auditorium and no one is there "Helloooooooow ooow oooow oow" hehehehe I will find you all sooner or later. Thank you for stopping by will take a day off just got back from work and need to relax some and get into the normal life thing see you girl JD

MaggiesWishes 59F

5/20/2006 1:45 pm

I do believe you need some time off ... or off ... or off
So, this is what happens to a man at sea?

my gracious, the heat IS HOT HOT!

jd29992z replies on 5/20/2006 4:07 pm:
Yes Maggie when you have been at sea too long you just get too full of seaman hahahaha yes I know I am silly just trying to get my land legs back, arrrggu matie. Glad to see you stop by and enjoy don't be a stranger see you around JD

jd29992z replies on 5/20/2006 4:08 pm:
Oh I almost forgot love your new pic it is sexy and cute!!!!

rm_atta_girl 45F
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5/20/2006 11:28 pm

i enjoy feeling these types of erection eruptions

jd29992z replies on 5/21/2006 8:01 am:
Hi Atta
I am very happy that you stoped by Atta and I hope you come by more often to read about eruptions hmmmmm. See you JD

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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5/21/2006 10:14 pm

Oh My!


jd29992z replies on 5/22/2006 8:27 am:
I will take that as you liked the story. That is cool I like to please my readers. Stop by anytime I am always kind of naughty hehehe JD

rm_CuummDrop 48F
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5/22/2006 5:34 pm

Ummm, should have read this earlier,, demmmit!!

*fans self*

Now won't last forever, so use it wisely~c

jd29992z replies on 5/22/2006 8:40 pm:
Hmmmmm another satisfied customer very good. That is soooooo cool when someone actually likes me silly stories thank you for stopping by and thank you for the nice comment. Stop by any time JD

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