Country Road  

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Country Road

Late on a summers evening we are driving through the country. I turn down a deserted road and drive over the rough terrain. “Where are you going?” you ask. I pull you closer to me and reply, “It’s a surprise!” As I continue driving down the dark lonely road. I turn the truck into a grassy field and put the truck into four-wheel drive as I climb the steep hill in front of us. Getting to the top of the hill I stop the truck and turn off the lights and the engine. I touch your cheek and turn your head and gently kiss your lips. Teasingly I gently kiss and pull away and kiss you again and again lightly. The tip of my tongue moves gently around the outside of your lips and I kiss you again. You start to feel warm and tingly as we lightly kiss. I pull away and tell you, “Help me with something for a second.” And I open the door and reach behind the seat. I toss you a few pillows, Take these.” I tell you as I grab a few wrapped up sleeping bags and a coiled up eggshell mattress. “Follow me.” I tell you as I walk around to the back of the truck, throw the sleeping bags and mattress into the back of the truck and open the tailgate. I put my hands around your waist and hoist you up into the back of the truck and climb up after you. We spread the eggshell mattress open and on the bed of the truck and unfold the sleeping bags and spread them out on top of the mattress. You place the pillows at the front of the bed of the truck and we lie down together into each other’s arms and cuddle under the dark moonless night sky. As we lie back we look up at the stars feeling like we are the only people on earth. My arms tighten around you and pull you very close to my side my hand works it’s way under your top and my finger tips glide up the soft flesh of you belly to gently cup your naked breast. My fingertips lightly tickle your nipples sending tingles over your pussy. You squirm your body against mine as the tingles make you wet and horny. I feel your fingertips start to unbutton my shirt and slowly work their way down my stomach. When the last button is unfastened you unbutton my jeans and touch my hard smooth cock. We touch each other under the cover of the starts and feel the warm summer’s night breeze across our bodies. My hand moves down your body and I unbutton your tight jean shorts and peel them off your sexy hips. You lift your knees up and forward so I can take your shorts off your legs and feet. My hand move up your legs and I lightly tickle your inner thighs as I move them up your legs. We turn our faces and our lips meet kissing each other tenderly as one of my hands move up your body under your top to cup your breast while my other hand moves inside you gently as I feel your soft warm wetness. My fingertip moves up parting your lips to tickle your clit gently. Your body starts to wiggle as the tingling sensation move over your body and our tongues twist and dance. You wrap your hand around my hard shaft and start to stroke me. Our kiss becomes more passionate as the sensation of our touching grows. Faster my finger moves over your clit making your body start to shake, as the tingling inside you grows very strong. Your legs move back and forth as your climax builds. You moan loudly as your orgasm explodes wildly sending sparks from your pussy and across your body. Your legs tighten around my hand as I gently massage your tingling pussy. Your lips kiss my neck and your hand touches my cock. Your lips start to kiss down my chest my hands grab the bottom of your top as I pull it off of your shoulders. You take off my boots and pull my jeans off my legs as you knee between my legs. Your hands are touching my cock. One hand is stroking my shaft while the other is tickle the head of my cock sending shivers up my back. I wiggle out of my shirt as you lower your body down and start to tickle the head of my cock with your tongue. I stroke your hair gently as the wonderful sensation of your lips makes me melt against the cushion of the makeshift bed. My hips start to rotate to the pleasure your warm wet mouth is giving me. I place my hands on your shoulders and push you up, “Do you want me?” I ask. “YES!” you reply. I move up to my knees and place the pillows behind my back as I sit back on my ankles and lean my back on the pillow that is against the bed of the truck. You move toward me on your knees and lean forward and kiss me. You rub your breasts against me chest and I feel your hand stroke my cock. I am very aroused as I slide my hands around your waist and turn you around so your back is facing me. I pull your back against my chest and you lift your hips. I feel your hands grab my cock and guide it inside your wet opening as you lower your hips down engulfing my hard penis inside your tight wet pussy. Your legs and feet slide between mine as your hands grab my thighs and you push up and down slowly stroking me with your pussy. You look out into the darkness of the countryside and see the stars in the heavens and the shadows of the tree tope in the distance as you increase your speed. My hand moves around your waist and slides down your belly to touch your clit softly and gently moving around in small slow circles. Shock waves of pleasure flow over your body as my finger moves around and around across your sensitive clit and my cock fills your inner pussy with pleasure. You feel my other hand move up your body and tickle your nipples and massage your breast, “Oh yes babe, fuck me fuck me faster!” I whisper hoarsely into your ear. You feel my fingertips and the warm breeze of the night move across your naked body as you move your hips faster and faster over the length of my hard cock. The sensation of your orgasm grows with each stroke and flick of my fingertip as you fuck me wildly drawing it closer. You cry our loudly into the quiet night air and we can hear the echo reverberate back. “Don’t stop!” I beg as my hands grab your hips and I move you up and down faster. Your moaning grows louder as the intense tingling sensation of your orgasm grows from one climax to the next. I feel your fingernails dig into my thighs as I thrust deep inside you feeling your hot juices leek from your pussy down my cock and over my thighs. The head of my cock start to tingle as the feeling spreads down my legs to my toes and up my back to the base of my skull. My fingertips grip tightly into your hips as my orgasm takes over and I let out a moan while I explode inside your wet pussy. You fall against my chest as your body trembles. My hands move up your body to massage your breasts. I kiss your neck as you gently roll your hips against my cock. I push you up and we both fall forward and wrap our bodies together as we kiss passionately. My hands move gently over your body sensing and feeling your soft supple naked skin. I can’t keep my hands off of you as the feeling of your warm soft flesh makes me hard once again. You feel my erection against your waist as you grind your hips against my throbbing cock. Knowing how horny you are making me causes you to become dripping wet. The sounds of the night are all around us the chirping crickets, and the rustle of the leaves in the trees surround us in our passion. We roll onto our back and look up at the night sky as our hand move over each other’s bodies. We start to masturbate each other slowly and gently as we gaze into the starlit sky. Our bodies cuddle close and wiggle together as our touch starts to send shiver over our bodies. My fingertip moves faster over your clit then slides back inside you only to move back up more slippery. Faster I tickle you and faster you stroke me as our pleasure sweeps us away. The tingle inside you grows as your rotate your hips to the growing feeling of your orgasm. The feeling takes over your body as you start shake and wiggle while the tingle of your orgasm explodes over your body like a wild fire. Your moaning is driving me wild and making my finger move faster as I feel your quivering body against mine. Your orgasms roll one after the other growing stronger and stronger. You close your legs around my hand and roll onto your right side as my finger moves faster across your clit. Your orgasms grow more intense as your body goes into uncontrollable spasms. My fingertip moves gently inside you and strokes in and out as I feel your quivering body against mine. You can feel my erection rubbing your bottom and my lips kiss and nibble your neck. I slide my leg between yours and move it over your right leg straddling it between both of my legs. I slide my cock slowly inside you and kneel behind you as I move my arm under your left leg to move it up and forward across my waist as I start to stroke my cock slowly in and out. My arm that is under your leg move up your body and I roll your shoulder and move you on your back. My hand moves down your chest and fondles your breast. We look at each other as I move slowly in and out rotating my hips gently while I stroke your dripping wet pussy. The full feeling of my cock fills you as my cock move in and out gently exploring you and pleasing you. Your hands caress my face and touch my neck while we make love. The look of pleasure on your face arouses me and makes me move faster wanting to please you more. Your soft smooth inner pussy feels like living silk enveloping my cock as I stroke you. The sensation of my stroking cock sends shiver over your body as you let out soft moans of pleasure. Your hands grab my ass pulling me into you faster as I increase my speed. The sound of your moaning and the slap of flesh fill the night air as we thrust against each other. Faster we move building both of our pleasure as tingles move over both of our bodies. I feel your fingernails dig into me as your orgasm hit making your body shake with pleasure. My hand moves to your shoulder, as I hold onto you tight and thrusting faster. Orgasms come one after the other driving you wild with intense pleasure. You arch your back and uncontrollably push me away from you with your legs as my cock slides out of you. You quickly move your quivering body around and take me into your mouth trying to please me to show me how good I just make you feel. Faster you suck me moving your mouth quickly over the head of my cock. My hands grip your shoulders as the wonderful tingle moves from my cock and spreads quickly over my body. You feel my body stiffen as I let out a moan knowing that I am on the brink. You pull away and start to masturbate me wildly. “I can’t hold it!” I cry out as your soft hand moves quickly up and down my hard cock. I hold it as long as I can as my entire body tingles with pleasure. I explode shooting my hot cum over your naked breasts and my body quivers with pleasure. You giggle as I quiver in front of you and you gently kiss and lick the head of my cock sending shivers over my body. The pleasure you are giving me is wonderful just the feeling you soft lips and tongue tickling the head of my cock makes me throb with pleasure. Keeping me hard your twirling tongue make my erection jump with excitement. I touch your shoulders and pull you up so you are kneeling next to me and I pull you close and kiss you passionately. We rub our chests together and I can feel my sticky warm cum on your breast. I hold you tight as we fall onto the sleeping bags and wrap our arms and legs around each other wiggling and rubbing our naked bodies together. You feel my hard cock rubbing you as our tongue twist and turn around each other. I pull away from our kiss to look into your eyes and I gently stroke your face with my hand. You turn your face and kiss my hand and nuzzle your face against it. You make me so hard, “I want you again!” I tell you and you giggle feeling your pussy tingle with excitement again and say, ”So do I!” and you grab my shoulders and roll me on my back. I grab you hips and pull you to my face. You get up on your knees and move your wet pussy over my hungry mouth. Grabbing the edge of the truck bed you rotate your hips so my twisting tongue can tickle you sensitive clit. Your juices taste sweet as I twirl my tongue around your clit. My hands move up your body to massage your breasts and tweak your nipples. My tongue sends tingles over your body as you rub your pussy into my face. The feeling is so good you throw your head back and gaze into the night sky in enjoyment. Your soft inner thighs are rubbing against my face and your soft wet pussy feels wonderful while I tickle you faster with the tip of my tongue. The rhythm of your hips match the tempo of my tongue as your pre-orgasmic tingles grows stronger sending shivers over your body. The warm breeze licks at your nakedness like my tongue licks your lips and tickles your clitoris. Your hands grab the edge of the truck bed to hold on as your climax hits sending a flood of sensations over your body. You cry out as your body shakes while my hands grab your hips and hold your pussy against my rapidly lapping tongue. You arch your back and throw your head back almost falling over backwards as I grab you and hold you steady. My lips gently kiss your wet pussy while your spasms subside. All tingly and horny you rub your wet pussy down my chest and stomach to gently rub against my rock hard penis. You lower your head to kiss me sweetly. You can taste your juices on my lips as you kiss me wildly. I wrap my arms around you and pull you very close. I feel your hand lightly grab my shaft and guide me inside you warm wet pussy sending a tingle up my back. You roll your hips while we kiss, slowly moving my hardness in and out of you soft wet pussy. I gently hold your face in my hands and kiss your neck, cheeks, nose, forehead and eyelids tenderly absorbing you beauty and soft skin with my kiss. The harness of my cock fills you with delight as you thrust your hips faster. You push your body up and sit straight up on top of me rotating your hips while you stroke me. My hands move over your soft warm skin savoring the sensation and building our arousal. You indulge in the pleasure of my hard cock as your rhythm moves faster to the building sensation of climax. Soft moans fill the air while we move and grind together in enjoyment and satisfaction. One of my hands grasps your hip while the other holds your shoulder as I thrust hard and faster inside you. The feeling of my cock rubbing inside you builds the sensation of your climax stronger with each stroke we take. Tingles reverberate through your body as you fuck me harder. Your moans grow louder with each stroke as the feeling of your orgasm climbs taking over your senses. Faster we plunge into each other and our movements become a frenzy. You can’t hold your climax back as it explodes like lightning shooting across the open sky making each nerve ending in your body tingle with excitement. You cry out in bliss and throw your head back in the enjoyment of your orgasm. My cock is driving faster inside you as I build my climax. I hold onto you quivering and shaking naked body thrilled in the knowledge of your pleasure and wanting to please you more. The feeling of climax overtakes me as I thrust up deep inside you and explode in pleasure. You fall on top of me as we hold each other’s naked quivering bodies tight as the hot white light of orgasm drifts gently away. You roll off of me and we hold each other while we stair up at the stars. Cuddling and touching each other’s sensitive flesh we sigh in satisfaction and nuzzle together.

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